Intova Edge X Action Camera

When people want an action camera, they think they want a GoPro. It’s become our default position. And that’s the challenge Intova is facing. Because in many ways, the Intova Edge X action camera is even better than a GoPro. It just doesn’t have the ubiquitous Red Bull-infused name attached to it.

I took the Intova Edge X out for a few tests, and brought along the GoPro Hero3 I’ve been using for the last two years. As much as I love my GoPro, I was amazed at how well Intova’s camera performed.

For starters, the Edge X is a waterproof camera. But, where the GoPro is a non-waterproof camera in a water-tight case, the Edge X comes as a single unit, a patented Unibody design that fuses camera and casing. That means you only have to worry about a single lens. More than once, I’ve had either a dirty lens or a cloudy case ruin a shot on my GoPro without realizing it until the footage was downloaded. Which brings me to another plus for the Edge X: there’s an LCD screen and playback monitor on the back.

Intova Edge X Action Camera

I’ve grown accustom to the GoPro’s lack of a viewfinder, and I’m very happy with the footage at least 80% of the time. But when I tested Intova’s Edge X alongside my GoPro Hero3, I was gobsmacked that I’d been so willing to shoot without a screen for so long. I’d forgotten how nice it was to frame a shot. If I wanted a particular tree to frame the right of the screen, I could make sure it was there. If I wasn’t close enough to a subject, I could move in tighter. I realized that, while a GoPro is fine for shooting action shots, the Intova is an action camera for filmmakers who care about the way their pictures look. Anyone can strap an action camera to a surfboard. But the Intova Edge X offers far greater control over the ultimate shot.

There are six buttons on the Edge X, whereas my Hero3 only has three. Normally, I’m a fan of simplicity, but the extra buttons allow for scrolling features to toggle between film and photo, browse through all the clips on the SD card card and replay them one-by-one. Not sure you got the right shot? Scroll through and view it so you can decide to keep or delete it before downloading it to your laptop.

And downloading the footage is easy – it was virtually the same process I’d used with my GoPro. I just plugged into my Mac (the USB cable’s included), and pulled the data into iPhoto and iMovie.

Where the Intova Edge X completely trounces GoPro is in the water. The company’s tagline is “Born in Hawaii – Built for the World,” and Intova stuck their flag in that claim by making the Edge X waterproof up to 330 feet. The GoPro’s case is only good up to 197 feet. That’s an extra 40 meters you can take the Edge X. So if scuba diving figures into your outdoor adventures, you should rethink what you want from your action camera.

I shot the following video with my GoPro Hero3 and the Intova Edge X mounted on the handlebars of my bike. I already owned a GoPro mount. Intova’s mounts aren’t compatible, so I had to improvise with duct tape, which might account for some forgivable shakiness.

 Tech Specs:

MSRP: $299.00

1080p High Definition video / 60 frames per second

160° wide-angle lens

Intova Edge X Action Camera











  • LCD viewfinder screen comes standard
  • Waterproof up to 330 feet / 100 meters
  • Minimal distortion around the edges of the image frame
  • Casing is polycarbonate with rubberized armor coating
  • Built-in WiFi


  • Slightly lower resolution than a GoPro due to keeping image distortion minimal

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