The new K-Swiss Blade Max Trail running shoe is a high-end quality product at a fair price. Whether you use them for trail running, city-running, or even for fairly easy hikes during summer, you will not be disappointed.

What I especially like is that even after using them only once or twice, I did not have any pain in my feet and I was blister free.

These running shoes are fairly stable and robust and after a few hours they adapt to your feet and become quite comfortable. Most likely, this is due to the integrated rock block protection plate which is supposed to balance and smooth the uneven ground. However, from my experience, they are especially appropriate for running on smooth forest paths and pavement.

In terms of your running movement, they allow for a complete roll over from heel to toe, which saves you from pain in the balls of your feet and in your knees. I also appreciate their perfect fit and high degree of comfort, which just makes you wanna go longer and faster.

This is a high quality shoe, the textile cover is extremely resistant and even a bit of rain and mud does not affect their comfort. I love the highly breathable membranes of the textile; I go running for quite a few hours during summer, and the K Swiss Blade Max Trail shoes limit the sweating and swelling of my feet.

What I don’t like about them though is that the shoe laces are too short. Another issue that concerns me to a certain extent is that the slim form sometimes makes you struggle a bit and so the danger to twist an ankle is a tad higher than what I am used to from other running shoes. Especially if the ground is uneven and you have bigger rocks and surface irregularities, you’ll need to watch your step.


  • High comfort
  • High quality at a good price
  • Appropriate price-performance ratio
  • High durability and resistance
  • Air-out, but no water in- function is working
  • Allow for complete rollover from heel to toe
  • Perfect fit
  • Mulch-functionality (trail running, city running, hiking)


  • You have to buy new shoe strings since the given ones are way too short.
  • Slim form encourages turning of the ankle

All in all, I think that this model of K Swiss trail running shoes will not disappoint you if they become part of your running adventures. You should plan on time for the shoes to adjust to your feet and running style, but after wearing them for awhile they will be satisfactory. After months of wearing them, I am indeed satisfied and would buy another pair if I needed to.
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Manufacturer: K Swiss
Manufacturer’s Website: Blade Max Trail
Price: $130.00
Listed Size and Weight: 12.2OZ, 375.80g.
Colors Available:

1) Black/Charcoal/Bright Yellow

2) Charcoal/Grey/Fiery Red

3)Grey/Charcoal/Neon Orange/Maroon

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