Kahtoola has an entry level crampon in its arsenal of traction footgear. As a huge fan of their Microspikes, I jumped into the Kahtoola K10 crampons with both feet!

I think Kahtoola has hit on something for entry level crampon wearers with the K10 crampons. I remember how daunted I was the first time I put on a full set of heavy metal two inch spikes on my feet and tried to walk up a mountain. The Kahtoola K10 spikes belay that fear. These spikes, while still very functional, are much shorter and lighter than a standard set of technical crampons. They also pack down small enough, spikes together that there are no sharp points poking out. I can put them into my daypack easily without worry that I’ll poke a hole in the pack. They are also very light which makes them a great alternative to carrying crampons on a day hike or backpack trip when you aren’t sure whether you’ll need traction footgear or not.


They clip around any boot, making them useful even if you don’t have backpacking boots. They even worked on my running shoes! Simple snap clips attach at two points – around the ankle and at the toe, making them simple to put in and take off. It’s important to note that these are not technical crampons. They do not fasten to the foot as thoroughly as technical crampons do, nor do they have toe spikes. They simply serve to stick to the snow and ice covered ground very well. They are a logical step up from Kahtoola’s Microspikes.

The anti balling skins slip easily over the spikes to keep snow from collecting and do a decent job of that. This is the place where the K10s step up from Microspikes. Each spike is set, giving a bit more control and solid feel on icy or packed snow terrain. They have been perfect for my winter jaunts up Mt Si.



  • Very light, easy to carry, light on your feet compared to regular crampons
  • Easy clip in, clip out
  • Fit on any boot or shoe
  • Great choice for beginner or first time crampon wearer
  • Anti balling skins to keep snow from sticking between the spikes


  • Not significantly more effective than Kahtoola’s Microspikes
  • Not technical
  • A little less solid on rocky or mixed terrain. Work best in snow and ice.

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Kahtoola K10 Crampons Tech Specs

Manufacturer Website: Kahtoola.com

Materials: Chromoly/steel, polyester

Sizing: One size fits most: US Men’s 6 – 13 / EU 40 – 47   US Women’s 7 – 14 / EU 39 – 45

Weight: 1 lb. 5.1 oz.

Spike Length: 3/4 inch

MSRP: $99.95

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