The Keen Alpha WP CNX shoe is billed as a light weight, waterproof, multi-sport shoe. Upon initial lace up I found the Keen shoes to be quite comfortable. The heel compartment wrapped around my foot offering good stability and no odd pressure points. The toe box offered a similar support and room for the foot to move when walking/running. This continued true through out the testing period. The arch support from the insert is minimal, perhaps to go along with the flexibility of the shoe. I did not find the low arch support to be an issue but something to mention for others.

While not quite a “minimalist” shoe it does come close with a low profile, light weight mid-sole. The shoe was designed with the idea of flexibility to “enable more natural motion to better connect your foot to varied terrain”. During both walking and running trails I found this to be true. I could feel the contours of the terrain underfoot much more than in other shoes I have used. I felt the shoe allowed me to be more agile while darting down a trail because of its flexible sole.


The traction of the shoe did fine on most surfaces whether is was muddy or a dry trail. There were however a few exceptions. I found them to slip on wet wood and rock. Yes wet wood and rock are slippery but I have used shoes that had superior traction on said surfaces. Perhaps consider that more of a cautionary note than a deal breaker.

Waterproof was tested by standing submerged in a puddle to just below the ankle cut for a five minutes. My foot stayed completely dry. The weight of the reenforced toe box was hardly noticeable while wearing but it does serve to protect the toe-box during the inevitable scuffs while trail running. The shoe came in at 351g (size 10.5).


Overall this is an excellent low profile shoe. The over all comfort of this shoe is excellent. The shoe is waterproof, light weight, flexible and supportive. It held up well to the abuse I could give it in the 2 month I have had it. I am sure it will continue to serve me well trail running and day hiking for many more months to come. Well done Keen.

Tech Specs  

Manufacturer: Keen

Date available: Currently Available

MSRP: $130.00

Listed Weight: 12.3 oz

Materials: Keen Textile

Warranty: If within 30 days you are not entirely happy with your purchase from, you may return it to us. Period.

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