From hiker chique to business casual, Kigo’s Flit shoes will have you covered wherever you roam. With their unique Mary Jane design, the Flit shoes may look like a flimsy ballet flat. But looks can be deceiving. While I was first dubious about the shoes’ durability, after a wealth of testing I found that this barefoot shoe could hold up to whatever test I put them through. From the cobblestones of Europe to the Cascades’ twisting trails, Kigo’s Flit shoes provided me with comfort and a one-of-a-kind fit.


Because the Flit is a barefoot shoe it is important that you take time selecting the correct size. I found that the Kigo women’s shoe ran a bit larger than expected, and had to return the shoes for a smaller size. One disadvantage: Kigo shoes currently only run in whole sizes, which can make finding the perfect “sweet-spot” size a difficult task. I recommend ordering one to one-and-a-half sizes smaller than normal, as the shoes will stretch to fit your foot. (Also, if you are a true barefoot lover, you won’t need extra room for socks.) Kigo’s website contains a page solely dedicated to measuring your foot’s size for the perfect fit. I highly recommend using this resource to avoid potential ill-fitting.


I was delightfully pleased with the comfort of the Kigo Flit. While I was hesitant about the strap rubbing the top of my foot, I found that the half-inch of elastic panel the inner seam allowed it to comfortably stretch and fit my foot’s shape. The Flit’s top seams are slightly elastic and z-stitched to prevent rubbing and provide barefoot enthusiasts with a worry-free respite from socks. The post-consumer CYCLEPET fabric stretches to fit the foot’s unique form, making this a great choice for hikers with a wide toe spread. The only detriment to the Flit’s Mary Jane ballet-flat style that the low cut easily allows pine needles, pebbles and dirt into the shoes.

While the Flit shoes are an excellent choice for trail roaming, hikers be warned that extended periods of walking on concrete or cobble-stone may cause arch pain (depending on foot build). This isn’t necessarily a detriment of the Flit, as I’ve experienced similar arch pain on hard surfaces with other barefoot shoes. Despite the thin sole, the shoes’ HD PLUS insole—thicker than most barefoot shoes—provides somewhat of a cushioned comfort on harder surfaces, such as stone.

Kigo’s fingerprint grip ©Melissa Farage


One of the most-identifiable features of the Kigo shoe line is the unique fingerprint grip on the soles of the shoes. While I first interpreted this as a purely ornamental feature, after testing the shoes’ traction on wet stone, I found that the fingerprint texture provided excellent traction, especially in the rain. The 2mm flexible outsole was surprisingly durable, offering protection on sharp rocks, roots and glass (an urban hiker’s woe).


This versatile shoe offers more services than first meets the eye. While some people might view the Flit as simply another city shoe, I found that the shoes’ light weight build and packability made them the perfect companion for all of my travels. Yes, they’re only four ounces. The Flit shoes easily fit into my carry-on suitcase and provided a relaxing (and alternatively fancy) respite from boots during my travels to Europe, and still were lightweight and durable enough to carry along as camp shoes on a summer backpacking trip. The Kigo Flit shoes even fit easily into my pack for alternative footwear during day hikes, making them the perfect accessory for the ultralight hiker.


One of the Kigo Flit’s most impressive feats is the fact that it is actually good for the environment. Kigo strives to use post-consumer recycled and low-carbon output materials for their shoes. The flit features post-consumer recycled CYCLEPET fabric, HD PLUS soles and non-toxic glues and dyes, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious hikers.


-Lightweight and packable

-Good grip on urban and mountain terrain

-Comfortable strap and form-fitting fabric

-Versatile Uses

-No socks required

-Post-consumer, recycled, non-toxic materials


-Only available in whole, women’s sizes

-Debris easily enters shoe

Kigos on a European tour ©Melissa Farage

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I was delighted with the versatility of the Flit shoes. I found them a much-appreciated companion for everything from backpacking trips to dayhikes, from European travels to urban hiking. Their eco-friendly build was delightful addition. If you’re a barefoot shoe enthusiast, you can rely on the Kigo Flit as the perfect urban and trail hiking accessory.

Shoe Specifications:

-Date Available: Currently Available

-Manufacturer’s Website: Kigo

-Weight: 4 Grams

-Materials: CYCLEPET, HD PLUS, non-toxic dyes, glues, water stain/resistance

-Size Tested: 7

-Fitting: US Sizing

-Availability: Women’s 6-11 (EU 36-41)

-Colors: Black/Light Grey Stitch; Grey/Blue Stitch

Photo courtesy of Kigo

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