The Test 

The Klymit Static V2 sleeping pad accompanied me on two camping trips, one backpacking in the Mt. Baker backcountry, and one car camping in the Teanaway Community Forest. Setting up site at 5450ft near Park Butte fire lookout, rangers alerted me that temperatures would be dropping below freezing on an already rainy night giving me the perfect chance to test the insulation of the mat. Two weeks later in Teanaway it was tested in much more pleasant late summer/early fall temperatures.

klymit static V2
Taking a closer look at the Klymit Static V2, the V chamber provides excellent support with minimal air movement. Teanaway Community Forest, WA.


In both instances the Klymit Static V2 provided for a comforting night’s sleep. The mat is equipped with side rails that cradle the body and provide extra support for those who experience back problems. During its time in the near freezing temperatures at Mt. Baker, the mat provided sufficient insulation from the wet cold ground. Similarly, the mat provided top comfort in Teanaway where temperatures only reached a low of about 48 degrees. The V shape design and oversized sleeping area of the mat provides support for those who like to change sleeping positions constantly through the night like myself. So if you are a side, back, or stomach kind of sleeper, this sleeping pad will be a good fit. Lastly, with past mats I have noticed they can be quite noisy while changing sleeping positions through the night, and the V2 is pleasantly quiet for toss and turners.

klymit static v2
The Klymit Static V2 provided a great night’s sleep. The V2 left me well rested and ready for a day full of mountain biking in Teanaway.


This sleeping pad was designed with backpackers in mind. Trading this out for my older, larger mat has saved me considerable room in my backpack thereby making it lighter as well. This to me was surprising because when rolled out, the mat itself is larger than my old mat, so it is the best of both worlds. The weight of the pad is a little over 1lb which is reasonably less than other pads of this size and thickness. Additionally, the storage bag has a built-in patch kit for any emergency repairs that can come in handy in those type of backcountry setbacks.


As it is an oversized mat it can be slightly more challenging to roll up than other mats. For me it required rolling it up beforehand in order to get all of the air out before folding it into fourths to roll up for packing into the storage bag.

klymit static v2
Rolling up the Klymit Static V2 in Teanaway Community Forest.


Overall this mat has been a great addition to my backpack. The fact that it is lightweight and easily packs into small places comes at no sacrifice to nightly comfort. And for the price of $65, this mat goes above and beyond in comparison to competitors of similar weight, material, and size.

Klymit Static V2 Sleeping Pad













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  • Packability
  • Weight
  • Price


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