The Hyper Mid GTX by La Sportiva is a boot designed for technical backpacking, fastpacking and scrambling. It is an ideal and comfortable approach boot for getting through rocky and uneven terrain when reaching the base of climbs. The boot offers superior stability and a large cushioned sole provides all day comfort. Furthermore, the rubber on the bottom grips even the slickest rock offering stability on sketchy terrain.


La Sportiva is one of the premier companies in rock, trail, mountaineering, and approach footwear. They set out to create a boot that was lightweight and breathable, yet able to stick and perform in the rockiest conditions. What they came out with was a perfect all day shoe which performs just as well on steep uphill terrain as it does on a rocky and flakey downhill. La Sportiva took some of their best innovations of the climbing world and added it to this multifunctional boot. The hard rubber toe seamlessly blends in with the sole to make the user sensitive to every step. La Sportive placed a “Rock Guard” at the midsole with a shock absorber that offers enhanced support to the foot and heel and eliminates the risk of torsion. The sole is equipped with an Impact Brake System that inclines the lugs to offer enhanced braking, and shock absorption.

The Vibram sole is incredibly sticky. I took them out on a 7-mile hike around the lakeshores and waterfalls of Ancient Lakes and a 2-mile hike up the flakey canyon walls of Vantage. Despite mud, moss, pockets of water, and dirt, the rubber almost suction cupped itself to the rock while the midsole held my heel in place and there was no risk of awkwardly twisting it. The Gore-Tex lining is durable yet extremely comfortable while the top is leather, suede, and microfiber with abrasion resistant S3 reinforcements which give the boot waterproof ability in all but the wettest conditions such as waterfalls. Despite some wetness near the tongue, the shoes dried remarkably quickly. The vents make the boot ideal for all day warm weather hikes but I would not recommend it for snow or extreme cold, as the boot is not thick enough to be kept warm. They are extremely lightweight, coming in at 934 g (2 lbs) a pair.

At first wear, the boot feels stiff but after a few hikes, it quickly loosens up and becomes comfortable. I thoroughly enjoyed wearing a versatile approach boot which can be utilized for all day hiking, backpacking and walking on rough uneven terrain. The La Sportiva Hyper Mid GTX takes some of the best features of La Sportivas famed climbing technology and creates a lightweight, breathable, yet durable piece of footwear which excels in wet and rough conditions.


  • Impact Brake System
  • Gore Tex Lining
  • Vibram Soles
  • Leather/Suede/Microfiber upper with S3 reinforcements
  • Precise lacing
  • Rock Guard improving stability and reducing torsion


  • Comfortable and versatile all day hiking boot
  • Lacing allows wearer to precisely customize fit
  • Extremely lightweight (934 g/2 lbs)
  • Durable yet comfortable
  • Sticky rubber excels on wet rock


  • Not recommended for extremely wet conditions or snow

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: La Sportiva

Availability:  Currently available

Manufacturers website:

MSRP: $180.00

Listed weight: 16.47 oz (467 g)

Colors: Black/Red

Size: 38-47.5 (half sizes)

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