This week we’re excited to welcome Jim Patterson as a photo contributor for SBM! Jim has been featured in Popular Photography, National Geographic and California Diver among others. He has won International Conservation Photography awards in underwater photography. For this set he shows us some luscious landscapes in and around state and national parks. His descriptions are below.

Coastal Landscape at Sunset – Davenport

Big waves crash offshore as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean at Panther Beach, a secluded stretch of coastline between Santa Cruz and Davenport, California.

Davenport Ocean Landscape in Monochrome

A monochrome conversion of the interesting rock patterns near Davenport.  The rocks are very dark, almost volcanic looking and make great black and white subjects when contrasted with the white mistiness of the ocean.

Antelope Canyon with Circular Lens

The sandstone carved slot canyons of the Navajo Nation outside Page, Arizona draw travelers and photographers from all over the world. Tourism is certainly on the rise. The use of a circular fisheye lens created this super wide view of the glowing light bouncing off the Lower Antelope Canyon walls and gives a 180 degree field of view from the ground to the sky.

Mono Lake South Tufa Sunset

Mono Lake, located along the eastern Sierra Nevada mountain range, is best known for its dramatic tufa structures which fill the landscape. The South Tufa area is most scenic for landscape photographers and sight seeing. Their textures coupled with amazing sunsets and sunrises are a beautiful scene to behold.

Pescadero Rocky Coast Landscape in Monochrome

One of my favorite aspects of landscape photography is the discovery of new location. Whether they are far off the beaten path or right under your nose, finding a new landscape to photograph always gets the creative juices flowing. This stretch of rocky coast has amazing lines and I wanted to showcase them as well as possible. A black and white rendering helps emphasize the textures, contrasts, and forms.

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