I take my iPhone with me wherever I go, including Search & Rescue operations and on all of my hikes. After cracking the screen of my iPhone during a recent hike, I decided to find a case that offered heavy duty protection without disrupting usability. The combination of the LifeProof iPhone case and the armband accessory fit the bill perfectly.

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This unfortunate occurrence (which took place moments after snapping this photo) prompted me to purchase a Life Proof case for my replacement iPhone.


The LifeProof case comes with an earphone jack extension, which allows one to listen to music without compromising the waterproofness of the case. The iPhone buttons and switches are easy to operate, even with gloves on. Of course, the touchscreen itself will still only work with a bare hand or a stylus.


Case Pros

  • LifeProof is an incredibly durable iPhone case. It has protected my iPhone from the clutches of my teething niece, accidental drops, full submersions in the sink, rotor wash from landing helicopters, canyoneering trips, sub-freezing temperature ski trips, and blizzards. The case’s protective capabilities even allowed me to wash it with Tecnu and cold water after dropping it into a poison oak plant.
  • The case is relatively easy to open. If you ever feel the need to take the phone out of the case, just unscrew the earphone plug, open the power port, and the case splits open with a coin or the back end of a knife.
  • The case comes in numerous colors so you can match it to your personality, or if your household has numerous iPhones, you can tell whose is whose.
  • It is remarkably thin for a case that encompasses the “four proofs” (water proof, dirt proof, snow proof, and shock proof).

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Case Cons

  • The waterproof head-phone jack extension does not transmit the Apple headphone remote commands to the phone. So the pause, skip, Siri activation, etc. commands do not work from the headphone mic/remote.

Armband Pros

  • The armband can be set to fit a very wide range of arm sizes, and it can be re-adjusted as often as needed.
  • The armband keeps the phone very secure when locked, but also allows for easy in-and-out access when unlocked. However, on two separate occasions I went for a run and forgot to switch the mechanism into the locked position, and the phone still did not fall out.


Armband Cons

  • There is no slot on the armband to place a key in, which is a feature that I miss from a lower-end product that I replaced with the LifeProof armband.
  • The sturdiness of the armband also adds to its bulk, and it could be a bit cumbersome on petite frames.

If you take your iPhone with you on all of your outdoor adventures or even if your day-to-day life takes a toll on your phone, the LifeProof is most definitely worth the investment. LifeProof also offers a “…Total Water Protection Program for the Apple iPhone and iPad to anyone who purchases a LifeProof case on its website. The first of its kind available in the case market, this optional program takes the protection of these devices to an entirely new level by offering a one-time repair or replacement of the device for up to one full year if it sustains accidental water damage in a LifeProof case.” Note: The Total Water Protection Program is only valid for one year after registering the case with Life Proof and there is a $50 deductible if your iPhone is damaged while using the LifeProof case. With the protection this case offers backed up by the Water Protection Program there really is no reason to not get one for your iPhone.

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: LifeProof

Date available: Currently Available

Manufacturer’s Website: www.lifeproof.com

MSRP: $79.99

Weight: 1.05oz

Materials: Unique combination of materials that will not stick to your pocket

Warranty info: All LifeProof products may be returned within 30 days of purchase, to ensure that customer satisfaction is made on every purchase. Your LifeProof products are warranted for 90 days. For the LifeProof case, your warranty may be extended up to 365 days by validating the warranty.

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