A headlamp is one of the most important things that I keep in my pack. Nothing makes a bad day worse than being stuck in the dark or holding a flashlight between your teeth while trying to build a campfire or change a flat tire.

My first impression of the Light & Motion Solite 250 Headlamp was that it seemed so sleek, shiny and compact compared to the Black Diamond that has seen me through many a dark night.

I did have one initial concern about the Solite 250. It can only be charged through a micro-USB cable. When I’m on a long camping or backpacking trip I like knowing that I have enough rechargeable batteries in my pack to get me through an emergency. I had visions of the Solite 250 accidentally getting switched on in my pack, running out of juice and leaving me in the dark.

However, after putting the Solite 250 to the test throughout Southeastern Wyoming and Northern Colorado this headlamp never left me stranded in the dark. The battery power was sufficient for a weekend trip, and the light never accidentally turned on inside my pack. Not only is this headlamp bright and dependable, it is also durable, lightweight and comfortable.


  • The Solite 250 weighs 149 grams (5.25 ounces), just a bit more than an iPhone 4 and significantly less than headlamps of comparable price such as the Petzl Pixa 3 Pro (9 ounces) and the Princeton Tec Apex (10 ounces). It’s also the brightest of the three with the Solite 250‘s highest setting burning at 250 lumens.

  • It is easy to charge the Solite 250 and it only takes about 5 hours. There is also a light on the battery pack indicating how much battery power is left. This light flashes and automatically switches to a lower setting when there’s 5-10% of battery power left.  This indicator makes it easy to know when to conserve battery power.

  • There is additional grip added to the elastic strap of this headlamp helping it stay in place whether it is worn on the head or over a hat. The wide head strap and light weight of the Solite 250 make it very comfortable. It’s the kind of headlamp that you can forget you are wearing. The headlamp’s light is also fully adjustable making it easy to shine the light where you need to see. The Solite 250 has in 5 different illumination modes: high, medium, low, reading, and flashing for emergencies. Since the high setting is so bright I tend to use the medium and low settings the most.

  • With a few simple snaps this headlamp can be taken off of the head strap and transformed into a flashlight. Bicycle and helmet attachments can be purchased separately further adding to the versatility of this product. For safety, an amber light shines from the sides of the light increasing visibility.


  • Within a few minutes of use, the light of the Solite 250 heats up making it hot to touch.

  • The coiled wire connecting the light to the battery pack is a bit awkward and sometimes it took some coaxing to get it to stay in place.

  • From a consumer perspective it would be nice if Light & Motion offered a package deal with the headlamp, bicycle and helmet attachments.


The Solite 250 is an excellent headlamp. It is bright, fully adjustable, and easily transforms into a flashlight. At $149.00 it is worth every penny for trips less than 4-5 days. While this headlamp far surpasses anything else in the $125-$175 price range I wouldn’t take on longer trips without a trustworthy alternate way to charge the battery.
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Tech Specs

MSRP: $149.00

Output Lum: 250

Run Time: I tested each mode for run time and found the run time for all modes to be within 5-10 minutes of the time specified by Light & Motion.

  • High- 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Medium-5 hours
  • Low: 20 hours
  • Read: 100 hours
  • Flash: 60 hours

System Weight (headlamp with battery pack): 149 grams

Battery: 1 cell Li-Ion

Charger: Micro-USB

Charge Time: 5 hours; Charge time on my headlamp varied within 10 minutes of the time specified by the manufacturer.

Lumens/Gr: 1.68

Warranty: Light & Motion provides warranties against manufacturer defects for 2 years.

Manufacturer’s Website: Light & Motion

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