I like to describe the Chilliwack River Valley as the hidden gem of the Lower Mainland.  It is very accessible yet far enough away from the densely populated areas that the majority of people steer clear.  At the end of the valley is Chilliwack Lake and Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, a great place to car camp with the family.  Just a few kilometers before you reach Chilliwack Lake is a trail that follows Post Creek to Lindeman Lake up a narrow valley to the north of the Chilliwack River Valley.

Spectacular water color of Lindeman Lake ©Chris Kimmel

Lindeman Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes in the area, with water color that could easily be mistaken for that of a tropical island in the Caribbean.  It takes between 30 minutes and an hour to reach Lineman Lake from the parking area.  Upon arrival at the lake you can choose from a number of recently installed tent platforms if you are staying the night.  There is a trail that continues around the west side of the lake over boulder fields and through thick bush.  There are numerous good fishing and swimming holes along this trail.

Aaron on the Lindeman Lake Shoreline © Chris Kimmel

If you are looking for a little more adventure in the same area, the trail along the Lindeman Lake shoreline continues to Greendrop Lake, about two hours past Lindeman Lake.  The trail from Lindeman to Greendrop is hard to distinguish in sections and is much less travelled.  Greendrop Lake offers fewer campsites and the shoreline is not as accessible as Lindeman’s.  If you want to do some scrambling in the area there are peaks and ridges both to the east and west from Lindeman Lake.  The most pronounced and inviting peaks can be accessed by crossing the creek and scrambling up the scree slopes just past Lindeman Lake and on the hikers right (east).

Scrambling on the peaks above Lindeman Lake ©Chris Kimmel


The Post Creek/Lindeman Lake area is a great option for a quick day trip into the wilderness and alternatively offers a good location to stay overnight and enjoy nearby scrambling, as well as swimming and fishing in the summer.   Because of it’s relatively short and easy approach it is also ideal for the whole family.


Trail Stats:


To Lindeman

Round trip 3.1 miles

Elevation Gain 700 feet

Average Grade 8.6%

High Point 2700 feet


To Greendrop

Round Trip 8.1 miles

Elevation Gain 1300 feet

Average Grade 6.1%

High Point 3300 feet



Grab your passport and head north to one of the border crossings  (The Sumas crossing will get you the closest).  Once past the border crossing find Hwy#1 and head east toward Chilliwack.  Take Exit 119, Vedder Rd and head south, or right off the highway.  Follow Vedder Road through Chilliwack for about 3 miles until you come to a 3-way stop at the Vedder river bridge.  Turn left here and reset your odometer.  This is Chilliwack Lake Road.  Drive for 25 miles, and just after crossing Post Creek you will see a sign for the Post Creek Trail and a large yellow gate on the left.  Park on the wide shoulder here and follow the logging road past the yellow gate, ignoring the trial that heads uphill to the right towards Flora Lake.  After a few minutes you arrive at a landing beside post creek. The trail to Lindeman can be found by turning right just before you hit the creek.

Enjoy and be safe!


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