Dwarfed by the lofty peaks of Mount Si, Little Si is generally passed over for its bigger brother. But those who choose to drive past the trailhead at 55 miles per hour are missing out on a one-of-a-kind hiking experience (and speeding). Remedy these two mistakes by pulling into the turn-off and embarking on an adventure through the mossy canyons and rocky grottos that Mount Si’s little brother has to offer.

©Melissa Farage

Set off from the trailhead onto a rocky trail that climbs along the ridge, overlooking Mount Si Road. The trail quickly cuts inward towards Mount Si, plunging into a lush trail lined with maples, salmonberries and bleeding heart. Continue on the left fork of the trail when it splits, following the sign towards Little Si Summit. The trail weaves through a damp, mossy wetland before climbing upward to an evergreen forest shrouded with salal. As you meander upward on the rocky path, look for a tall rock precipice, a popular site for rock climbers.

©Melissa Farage

The trail slopes downward into a lush, green ravine as it passes between Little Si and Mount Si. As it dips, the trail offers views of mossy boulders and nurse logs crowned with sword ferns. The trail ascends once again to begin the final climb to the top of Little Si. Here the trail becomes steep, rocky and slippery at times but interwoven roots offer easy footholds along the staircase up to the mountain’s highest peaks. As the trail makes its final turn around the left side of Little Si, the mountain makes its first viewpoint offering. A rocky ledge juts out to offer stunning views of the valley that runs between Mount Si and Little Si, along with snapshots of the surrounding mountains. Continue along the trail to reach the rocky peak of Little Si to gaze at an uninterrupted view of Rattlesnake Ledge, Rattlesnake Mountain and the Cascade Mountains surrounding Snoqualmie Pass.

©Melissa Farage

Length: 2.2 miles

Variety: Out and back

Elevation Gain: 1250 feet

Difficulty: moderately easy

Season: Spring, Summer, Fall

Open to: Hikers, Dogs

Passes/Permits Required: None

Facilities at Trailhead: privy

Maps: Green Trails #206S Mt Si NRCA, USGS: North Bend

©Melissa Farage

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