Three amazing places we know and love: the Olympic Mountains, the Wonderland trail of Mt Rainier, and the Pacific Crest Trail. Now there are three DVD offerings which cover these famous and beloved trails. Here are three local outdoor videos for backpackers. Whether you need inspiration, ideas for where to go, or just want to see how someone else tackles our gorgeous trails, these three will keep you wanting to get out there.


Tell It On the Mountain DVD:


Follow several determined through-hikers as they embark on the journey along the Pacific Crest Trail. The video crew documents the trials as this group of backpackers take on the 2663 miles of mountain spine as they travel through California, Oregon and Washington, to get from the border of Mexico to the border of Canada in one season, before the snow unravels their plans. Along the way, each hiker faces different challenges, some that were expected and some unforeseen. If you’ve ever considered conquering the whole PCT, Tell it on the Mountain is a great warm up.






Steve Burgess and Willis Wall Multimedia have created an in-depth DVD about the Wonderland Trail. It views like a guide book, with history, map locations and campsite descriptions. Steve has hiked the Wonderland extensively and captured it on his self-designed three-camera system, which provides wide angle views. Steve says:

After producing the Wonderland Trail DVD, for some years I tinkered with the thought of somehow capturing the entire trail. Last year this finally came to fruition, where every foot of the Wonderland can be viewed, every backcountry campsite can be toured, and every trail accessible year round water source is recorded. This series is for people who want to intimately plan their trips and have confidence in their planning by viewing the trail for themselves. They can use the date and time stamp to see how long it took me to cover a certain section.

I have time lapsed the entire Wonderland Trail (101 miles, including the alternate route over Spray Park). This project involved hiking 250 miles, editing 316,000 stills and 20 hours of video. There is nothing else like it available.

Clear narration and beautiful, video give even veterans a great resource for their next adventures on the trail. The 6-hour package is $99 (on 32 GB USB drives) and is available now on Steve’s website. Or you can purchase smaller sections of the trail on individual USB drives for a fraction of the cost.


Out of the Mist


The crew at Crest Pictures has the Olympics in their hearts. It’s clear from this film that they love these mountains and have done justice to their beauty and their stories through four storytellers. The experiences of Dave Skinner, Harvest Moon, Dane Burke, and Tim McNulty are brought to life through beautiful videography, narration and a music track that pulls it all together. Filmed over several years, Crest Pictures has captured the unique things we love about the Olympic Mountains and the Olympic Peninsula’s most remote wilderness areas. Prepare to slow down and really feel the spirit of this special place through Out of the Mist. Long clips of flowers, water, snow and stories come together to bring an almost luxurious experience to viewers of this DVD.


Pick your favorite, or grab all three and prepare to be inspired.


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