It is no surprise that the Pacific Northwest is one of the most popular destinations for outdoor

recreationalists. With the close proximity to mountains, desert, ocean and lakes, the PNW is

continuing to grow exposure as one of the best places in the world to go hiking, crabbing,

fishing, camping, and even cold-water surfing.

For Seattleites and adventurers traveling through the Washington coast, there is an extreme

lack of lodging options that speak to both the culture and access the urban recreationalist is

seeking. As we urbanize and continue to grow as a population we are driven closer to

one another and further away from our natural places. Getting out can be difficult and once you

do manage to do so it is hard to find a place that allows for you to meet others alike, while also

experiencing the outdoors. Until now.

Some of the biggest names in the outdoor industry have finally come together to launch the first

outdoor recreational community in the PNW. Loge Camps recently opened Memorial Weekend

in Westport, WA as the newest property for travelers to stay on the west coast. With activities

geared towards surfers, hikers, and outdoor lovers, Loge has the ability to finally offer a

one-stop-shop for surfing, camping, fishing, hiking, and collaboration is exactly what the PNW


To enhance the growing culture of cold-water surfing on the Washington coast, the site’s

amenities include wetsuit drying and surfboard storage, a local surf school, and exclusive

partnership with Seattle-based evo to house its first ever surf performance demo center,

allowing guests to rent and demo surf gear before they buy.

Loge also offers an outdoor cook site and tap room, in partnership with Bend’s 10 Barrel

Brewing Co, to allow visitors to interact while eating and drinking after a long day of exploring. If

you want to sit back and relax, check out Loge’s outdoor movie screen or enjoy s’more making

at the community fire pit. For music lovers, Loge is hosting a summer concert series, where we

will showcase bands from around the US at our very own venue. Upcoming performances

include The Regrets, Scarlet Parke, and Trick Candles.

Adding to the list of excitement this summer, Loge is hosting the Clean Water Classic, the

longest running and only Surf ProAm in the PNW with all proceeds going to The Surfrider


Visitors have the option to stay in individual hotel rooms for privacy, hostel-style co-ed rooms to

meet others alike, or camping spots with availability to bring your own RV / tent included with

bathrooms, showers, and an outdoor kitchen.

Westport is also a hidden gem of a town. There is Twin Harbors Beach State Park, multiple local

wineries and breweries, boat tours, fishing charters, dolphin and whale watching, you name it.

Loge Camps is much more than just a place to stay the night, it’s a place to connect with the

community and meet new friends. We are a lot like you. We are surfers, creatives, builders. We

love to travel, we love the outdoors and we believe community plays a huge role in both our

lives and our adventures.

We are giving you a chance to win a free two-night stay at Loge at the Sands so you can come

experience it too. Enter to win here!

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