Mountain Hardware Dynama PantIf you are looking for a faithful companion to join you on your next outdoor adventure, look no further than the Mountain Hardware Dynama Pant. This ultralight, quick-dry pant is the perfect go-to pant for anything from hiking to climbing, backpacking to trail running. Sporting a sleek and stylish cut, the Dynama Pant can hold up to a tough adventure, but still let you look casual around town.

Upon first glance, the Dynama Pant looks just like any other city-slick hiking pant, which usually ends in fashion, but frustration on the trail. On the first wear, it was evident that the Dynama Pant was comfortable, fashionable and utterly liberating. The pants are remarkably stretchy, sporting a nylon-spandex fabric that allows the pants to adhere to your range of motion. If you have a grudge against hiking pants zippers and buttons, you’ll enjoy the low-profile waistline, which offers comfort and a respite from rubbing during physical activity. A drawcord at the base of each pant leg allows the pants to easily be cinched to capri length. Four deep pockets allow for easy, carefree storage. At the same time, the nylon-spandex fabric provides the pants with an impressive quick-dry quality; the DWR finish makes the Dynama Pant water resistant, a salvation on the trail.

In order to avert my initial skepticism, I put the Dynama Pant through a series of tests to determine how rugged it actually was. I wore the pants for a weekend of climbing in Vantage, Washington’s rugged basalt columns to test their durability, stretch and wicking. For most clothing, outdoor climbing is an invitation for wear and tear and a growing disgruntlement at your restrictive fashion choice. Although I was already aware of the Dynama Pant’s stretch, Mountain Hardware Dynama PantI was blown away by how the all-way-stretch fabric allowed me to reach for any foothold I went for. The drawcords allowed me to cinch up the pant legs for an unrestricted, uncompromising experience. Even in 75-80 degree weather on the appropriately named Sunshine Wall, the pants managed to wick away the bounty of perspiration summoned by climbing and lounging in the desert sun. After two days of battering against basalt walls and getting squeezed through slot canyons, the Dynama Pants showed no signs of wear and tear. Pretty impressive, for such a light pant.

The Dynama Pant had survived climbing and hiking, but I still wasn’t satisfied. The pants are physically lightweight, water resistant and wicking, making them an obvious choice for backpacking. In order to verify my claim, I wore them on an overnight trip just off of Snoqualmie Pass. Despite the elevation gain and high temperatures, the pants seemingly instantly wicked moisture away from my skin. This, combined with the low-profile inseams, provided a relief from rubbing. During stream crossings, the DWR water-resistant finish caused water to bead up along the pant legs, rather than soaking through. After a long day on the trail, it was a relief to have completely dry backpacking pants.

Bottom Line:

In the beginning, I had nothing but skepticism for Mountain Hardware’s Dynama Pant. I’d been let down too many times by trail-trendy women’s hiking pants. However, the pants stood up to even the most intense tests I could summon. Ultimately, Mountain Hardware’s Dynama Pant exceeded my expectations in wicking, stretchiness and durability.

Tech Specs:

Body Fabric: Warp Stretch Nylon

Body Fabric Content: 96% nylon, 4% elastane

Colors: Purple Dahlia, Mosstone, Black, Graphite

Availability: Available now

MSRP: $70.00

Weight: 5 oz/ 143 g

Mountain Hardware Dynama Pant




Moisture Control







  • Light Weight
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Water Resistant
  • Four Deep Pockets


  • Drawcords Can Un-Cinch

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