Moving to Seattle: Everything You Need to Know

One constant worry most people have when considering moving to a new city is what to expect. Before you move to a new place, you probably wonder about different things, including the weather, things to do for fun, and more. 


When moving to Seattle, just like in any other city, there are several things that you must do before you start your journey. Although the city is a fantastic place to live in, if you don’t plan well in advance, you might face numerous challenges. 


To ensure that your relocation journey is smooth, here is everything that you need to know about Seattle before you move:

1. Seek the Services of Professional Movers

If you want a happy relocation, then you must make sure that you have the right people to help you move. Whether you seek short distance or long distance services, getting professional movers is the best choice you can make. Seattle Movers are just one of those movers that will offer you exceptional moving services. From flexible packages that suit your needs to incredible care for your items, these movers have it all.


Having reputable movers do the job for you will save you not only money but also grant you the peace of mind during the whole process.  

2. Prepare for Change of Weather

Most people worry about the constant rain in Seattle. For sure, Seattle does rain a lot, with the rain being steady but light. The rain in this city affects every aspect of its life and shapes the natural beauty of the town. For instance, you will find monster Douglas Fir trees and other giant trees in almost every corner. 


However, contrary to what most people may think, even with the constant rain, the city is not as cold as most of the other cities. With an average low temperature of 45.1°, Seattle experiences temperatures of between 37F low and a high of 75 F. During the summer months, temperatures range between 50 F and 75 F, which is usually in July and August. The city has a comfortable climate with no extremes.

3. Coffee Joints

Although the city is not as warm as many other cities, the weather in Seattle is crisp. This makes the hot coffee business to thrive in the city, forming a big part of the Seattle lifestyle and culture. With the crisp weather in this town, caffeine is inescapable and undeniable.  


Research shows that Seattle is the biggest consumer of coffee in the US.  Here, you will find big names in the coffee industry, including Starbucks joints like the Roastery and Tasting Room and one 24-hour drive-thru. Some other local favorites include Espresso Vivace, Caffe Vita, and Victrola Coffee Roasters.

4. Transportation

In Seattle, you can rely on public transport, with several public buses operating in the city. Since getting a parking spot in the city can prove hectic, public bus transport has become convenient for most people.


Also, if you want, you can take a walk on public sidewalks when going to grocery stores, restaurants, or pharmacies in most neighborhoods with convenience. One thing you should avoid is jaywalking while in the city of Seattle. This can make you pay a fine of up to $56 for jaywalking.

The town is also bike-friendly and is the best place for people who enjoy cycling.  The availability of the “bikers only” lanes makes it convenient for the cycling lovers and those who commute using their bikes. 


5.  Tourist Attractions

Seattle has numerous sight-seeing destinations including The Space Needle, Pike Place Market, Kerry Park, and Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, to mention but a few. For weekend getaways with your family and friends, you can visit places like Oregon, Portland, and Vancouver, BC. 


The city also has numerous prime locations for outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, skiing, and biking. So, if you want to go for a tour or vacation, you can visit some of these beautiful places.

6. Jobs Availability

Unless you’re relocating because you have found a job in another city, job opportunities are a significant concern for people wanting to move across the country. If you don’t have a job when relocating to Seattle, then you don’t have to worry a lot. That is because Seattle has numerous job opportunities. 


Seattle is a tech hub and hosts some big tech companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, and Zillow. Research shows that Seattle has an unemployment rate of 3.9% and the average salary is $61, 170. While getting a job in the city might take time, you can find one eventually.


7. Cost of living

A recent report shows that Seattle is the 6th most expensive city in the US. Seattle cost of living is high. The city has even enacted a $15/hour minimum wage for people working here. 


The average price of acquiring most essentials, including basic vet visits, movies, and haircuts is around 52.8%, which is relatively higher than most of the other cities in the US. In addition, the housing index score is 206.6, which means that Seattle housing is more than double the average US housing costs. 


In Seattle, the average cost of a two-bedroom apartment in Seattle is around $2, 109. On the other hand, if you are considering buying a house, the median price for a home is $728,000, which is $54/sq. Ft. Planning for your relocation can help you manage these costs.


8. Music

For music lovers, you can enjoy live music in numerous clubs and theaters available in the city. Seattle has a rich history of music, and some of the big names in the music industry began in this city.  You can find hip-hop line up in the Crocodile- Nirvana and Pearl Jam. 


Also, touring bands and local musicians are usually in the Showbox at the Market. Columbia. City Theater was a famous jazz theater where legends like Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington used to perform, but now it features local hip-hop and Americana. Bumbershoot Music Festival, which is a Labor Day weekend music festival, also draws major artists and crowds.


9. School 

Seattle has numerous schools, including elementary schools, K-8 schools, middle schools, high schools, and service schools. Besides public schools, private schools are also available. 

Also, it has three Universities, including the University of Washington, Seattle University, and Seattle Pacific University and various community colleges. So, if you have kids, or you want to enroll in a college yourself, Seattle city has everything you need.





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