Every year, the American Lung Association organizes a Climb for Clean Air event to raise funds to help with awareness about air quality.  This year, Rakesh Malik was part of such a hike. Between ALA training, fundraising, and long nights filled with climbing he managed to capture some of the amazing sights he saw. His notes are below:


The sky cleared while we hiked to Camp Muir, letting us get a good look at the summit we were seeking. The top of the Disappointment Cleaver is just barely visible between the two massive rocks, Gibraltar and Cathedral, toward the right side of the image.


Elias, our lead guide.



Some hikers were heading down toward Paradise from Camp Muir while we were packing up, before heading down after them. Mount Adams is still visible peaking above the clouds.



The view from High Break, our last break before reaching the summit crater.



One of the spectacular views that we couldn’t see on the way up since we ascended at night, as always.



From up close, Little Tahoma doesn’t look so little.


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