New Cliff Diving World Record Set in Switzerland
New cliff diving world record set in Switzerland by Laso Schaller, world class canyon guide.  Source:

First, who knew they did cliff jumping in Switzerland? Regardless, on August 4, 2015 roguish Brazilian-born, Swiss-raised canyoneering phenom 27-year-old Laso Schaller set the world cliff jumping record by plunging 192.9 feet off the Cascata del Salto waterfall in Switzerland.

Laso accelerated to a bone jarring and butt numbing 75 mph before coming to a sudden stop in the churning water below the falls. Red Bull reports that Laso may have dislocated his hip in the jump. In preparation for the jump, support crew built a platform to clear the jagged rock canyon wall and conducted rock drops to identify the fall-line. Meanwhile, divers checked the depth and set-up scuba tanks to aerate the water to lessen the impact.

New Cliff Diving World Record Set in Switzerland
Laso breaks from the water surface after a record breaking 192 foot leap into the record books. Source:

Weather almost ruined the day with thunderstorms and dark clouds moving in to threaten the jump – apparently rain is dangerous when you are jumping off a cliff into a waterfall. With a nod to the approaching storm and not much fanfare Laso climbed the canyon, walked out onto the plank, and launched himself into the air and the record book. Ironically enough, after all the preparation, Laso missed the intended landing spot and the special aerated water, possibly contributing to his injury.

Laso told reporters, “Once you get above 25m, everything starts to look and feel the same.” So to give you some perspective on what it might be like to jump from this height, Seattle’s iconic waterfront Great Wheel is only 175 feet – 17 feet lower than Laso’s jump. The Alaska Building, home of the Courtyard by Marriott, in Pioneer Square is 203 feet. Think about that the next time you are walking around downtown sipping your no foam vanilla latte.

New Cliff Diving World Record Set in Switzerland
A leap from Seattle’s Great Wheel would be 17 feet less than the jump made by Laso off the Cascata del Salto waterfall in Switzerland. Source:

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