My trusty Triple Aught Design Stealth Hoodie LT was looking pretty haggard. There were a few stains that just would not wash out and, during a surprise thunderstorm, the jacket soaked through in a matter of minutes. After hundreds of days of use and washing it with my normal clothes (something I later learned from Nikwax you are not supposed to do, at least with “normal” detergent) my favorite jacket looked like it was going to be hung up in my closet to retire.

Nikwax 1Then I found out about Nikwax’s Gear Rehab program. I sent my jacket to Nikwax and a few weeks later they mailed it back better than new! The fabric now feels supple and soft again, the stains are gone and, most importantly, the jacket sheds rain! All you need to do is mail your garment to their Rehab headquarters and in a few short weeks it is returned to you (free of charge, I might add) in much better condition than you sent it to them. Nikwax’s specialty is fabric maintenance and restoration – they do not fix busted zippers or patch holes, so if your particular garment has those issues, you may be better served contacting the company who made it. They also only do one garment per person per year. Here is the link to their Gear Rehab program so that you can breathe new life into your favorite, but retired, garment: Gear rehab

NikWax 2Nikwax’s does sell an eclectic assortment of “do-it-yourself” products as well. Their TX.Direct Wash In breathed new life into a 10-year-old pair of ski pants that I had. After two washings, the pants looked brand new (besides a few patched holes from catching my crampons and an out of control snowboarder, that is). They also sell numerous types of detergents, waterproofing, conditioning and even UV protection. They have a solution for practically any garment and any condition. If you are contemplating throwing out a trusty yet old piece of outdoor equipment, take a look at Nikwax. You may be able to squeeze in a few more seasons or, better yet, keep your new gear looking great much longer.

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