Northwest Treehouse Getaways
Looking for something to do outdoors between backpacking season and stepping into your skis? Try one of these northwest treehouse getaways; they are not your typical backyard escape. Image Source:

Remember your first attempt to conquer gravity and live among the trees. Dragging scrap wood into the backyard or vacant lot and bending nails until you have a precarious purchase among the leaves or pine needles. The experience was both liberating and exhilarating. This is the feeling Treehouse Point of Issaquah and Free Spirit Spheres of Vancouver Island are trying to capture for the adventurous traveler willing to spend the night in the trees.

Northwest Treehouse Getaways
Rooms rent fast so plan your adventure well in advance. Image Source:

Located on the Raging River about 30 minutes from Seattle, Treehouse Point offers six treehouses and can host special events like team meetings, reunions, weddings, and even elopements. There is no cooking in the treehouses so plan to bring your own prepared snacks or go to local restaurants. A homemade Continental Breakfast is provided in the main lodge and is included in the cost of the stay. Rooms do include a cooler for prepared snacks and beverages. Just like your backyard treehouse, these rooms don’t have bathrooms. Occupants share a bathroom and shower facility on ground level. Some of the rooms have emergency use toilets for when you just can’t climb down the tree fast enough. Rooms (From $255) are popular and sellout fast. Check the website for tips how to secure weekend reservations.

Northwest Treehouse Getaways
Rooms are small and rustic, but you can’t beat the views and just how cool it is to sleep in the trees. Image Source:

Free Spirit Spheres is an all-year resort located in the tall trees of the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, Canada. Rooms are suspended above the forest floor in space-age looking handcrafted spheres. According to the website, the rooms do sway slightly in the wind or more significantly if someone moves inside the sphere.

Northwest Treehouse Getaways
Sleep among snow covered branches and wake with a one-of-a-kind view. Image Source:

Free Spirit Spheres has four rooms for rent (From $160). Located near Qualicum Bay, on beautiful Vancouver Island, the spheres are close to local attractions and world-class recreation. There is no restaurant on the property, but a variety of dining choices are within close proximity. Spheres are single room units (no interior walls) and do not have bathrooms. Rooms are wired with power.

Northwest Treehouse Getaways
Spheres are handcrafted and suspended in a web of support from the trees. Rooms sway gently in the wind or more dramatically if some shifts unexpectedly inside. Image Source:

Because of liability concerns, children under 16 are not allowed to stay in the rooms. Dogs are also not permitted in the spheres.

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