When searching for a pack, a specific use generally stays at the forefront of my purchasing decisions. Whether it be for day use, extended backpacking journeys or destination travel, having a well-proportioned carryall can be as essential as any other component of a trip. But what of those in-between times, when perhaps there is business travel within spitting distance of say, a National Forest? Or headed to a foreign land to explore its urban culture quickly turns into a day in the mountains? If you’ve found yourself in the awkward packing scenario of placing your day pack into the bottom of your suitcase, or worse still, traveling with your favorite weekender pack and either having items stolen from it or just generally feeling insecure about your stored belongings, the Numinous 65L Travel Pack may just be the right choice for your next multi-day, multi-function journey.


With capacity as deep and cavernous as any duffel twice the size of Numinous’ 65, even the least discerning or scrupulous packer will find comfort and convenience with its open layout. Once the frame backing has been unzipped, a well-thought-out meshing with multiple organizers and zippered compartment is fitted to the frame’s back panel. The opposing cargo area is as large as any mid-sized suitcase or duffel, but packs very deeply– I was easily able to load the Numinous 65L Travel Pack to 50 pounds, which only required a firm elbow drop as it was being zippered closed. Naturally, each time I did this, a fist pump and a satisfied expression ensued.


Where the Numinous crew’s ideology comes forward is in its innovative security system. With an obvious and serious nod towards keeping valuables safe in uncharted territory, the 65 comes equipped with Ziplocks to secure packed items, as well as a nifty retractable cable locking system, which allows any adventurer the ability to leave their pack behind while fastened to a sturdy stationary object, much in the same way a bike would be locked to a rack or pole. I simply did not come across an opportunity to leave the pack unattended in an area I may have found unsafe. However, I could clearly see where the Wire Lock might come in handy say, on a road trip when headed into a restaurant and a laptop (or one of a zillion high-priced gadgets we’re coupled to these days) could be locked away inside 65’s laptop compartment, with the Wire Lock secured around the under-framing of a driver’s seat. Perhaps a highly motivated thief might find a way to unhinge the cable, but given a (more likely) opportunistic smash and grab scenario, I’m willing to bet the cable would deter such an event from panning out. The same would likely hold true for a “divey” hotel or hostel, as the Numinous 65L Travel Pack can easily be secured to a bed post, as indicated on the Numinous website.


When it came time to leave a few packed items behind and head out on a predetermined (and in this case, Christmas cookie calorie reducing) hike around family members’ immediate out-of-door expanses, the Numinous dutifully rose to the occasion. Being that its soul is rooted in a “do all” travel range and made with additional protective Kevlar material, this travel pack definitely feels heavier and bulkier than your average mid-sized backpack, even with nothing in it. However, once its chassis is securely fitted with use of an adjustable back, lumbar, and sternum system everything feels quite sturdy and comfortable. I found both straightforward and moderately technical trekking to be entirely doable, with the only difference (as compared to typical multi-day backpacks) in its outward girth. Perhaps it’s not the best pack for turning down-canyon to a friend when penalty is high (dropping off a cliff) and then possibly smacking said friend squarely in the shoulder.


Throughout my journey, I appreciated the secure and industrious nature of this well-thought-out travel companion. I like how the backpack-style straps could be flattened neatly and concealed with a simple zip of the outside liner. I checked it in multiple airports, with nary an issue, mostly as a result of so much Anti-Slash fabric used throughout its design. Please note that the 65 cannot be considered for any kind of carry-on travel as, at the time of this review, it exceeds overhead standards. However, all locks are TSA-approved, for worry-free travel.

Numinous 65L Travel Pack











  • TSA approved
  • Safe, secure, worry-free travel pack
  • Great convertability
  • Concealing back panel hides straps
  • Sturdy Anti-Slash technology


  • Somewhat bulky and heavy compared to backpacks
  • Light grey color stains easily
  • Relatively expensive

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