Numinous GlobePacs 65L Rucksack

Traveling can sometimes leave you with a feeling of compromised security. One company has come up with solutions to these concerns. From London, England, Numinous Packs brings you a rugged, stylish and secure way to transport your belongings.

Numinous GlobePacs 65L RucksackThe Numinous GlobePacs 65L Rucksack is packing two TSA approved zipper locks and a wire lock. You might think it’s a little odd to mount such security devices on a cloth bag; however, the hide of the Numinous is made of Kevlar (the same material used in bullet proof vests) with anti-slash technology, while the zippers are anti-puncture. All this together makes for a formidable obstacle for any would-be thief. I took the 65L version on a couple trips to test its features and its functionality as luggage.

At a glance, you’ll see it’s well-made; upon closer inspection, you’ll notice it’s engineered for travel. The main compartment is spacious for all your main gear, with a panel of smaller compartments to organize your smaller bits and bobs. If you’re on the go, there is a stow pouch perfect for flip flops or a windbreaker. There are also two side mesh pockets that will hold a 1L water bottle. To take this pack on an airplane, all you do is pop the zippers into the onboard TSA approved locks and pull out the zippered panel that stows the backpack straps and hip belt.

Numinous GlobePacs 65L RucksackMy main concern with this kind of ‘combination’ or ‘convertible’ luggage is that, when striving to make a good backpack that is also good travel luggage, manufactures tend to come up with a product that does neither very well. Numinous seemingly has figured out the recipe to achieve quality luggage that’s comfortable to pack on your back. Often times, I struggle with the fit of packs or clothes; I have a long torso, a small waist and a wide chest and shoulders. Thankfully, this pack is very adjustable and is able to fit me as well as many other body types. Initially, I wasn’t expecting very much from the suspension or hip belt, but, even loaded, it rode on my hips comfortably. While I probably won’t trade it for my Gregory Baltoro when I head to the Sierras for backpacking, it’s more than enough backpack for traveling abroad.

Where this backpack really shines is the seamless transition from baggage claim carousel to backpacking the way to the train station. The Numinous was really born for the sort of travel where you’re train hopping and going from hostel to hostel. With its security features, you can lock your pack up and head to the train’s dining car or use the shower at your hostel without having to worry about nefarious folks rummaging through your possessions. When you’re traveling abroad, your pack is your world and your life – with the Numinous pack, you don’t have to put any of that at risk.

Numinous GlobePacs 65L Rucksack

Bottom Line:

All in all, this bag has a lot to offer, and it’s capable of quite a variety of adventures. It’s also compatible with the ‘Daysac’ available from Numinous, should you want to expand upon the platform. Everyone I’ve shown the pack to has been immediately impressed with the pack’s style and panache. When I run them through its features, they ask where they can get one.

Tech Specs:

Date Available: Available now

MSRP: £190 (currently≈ $297.82)

Listed Weight: 3.5 kg

Materials: Kevlar, Cordura, Nylon

Dimensions: 30″x16″x11″

Size Tested: 65L

Color: Gray/White

Numinous GlobePacs 65L Rucksack






Comfort in hot climate


Comfort in average/mild climates





  • Durable
  • Fills a unique need
  • Stylish
  • Secure
  • Versatile


  • Rainfly not included - pack not water resistant
  • Wheels could have been a nice added feature

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