Only Natural Pet Jerky Strips Dog Treat – Natural, Grain Free, Bison

Let’s face it…We all love to give our dogs treats. They love it and we love to do it for them. Some people might do it by giving them table scraps, pig ears or almost anything.

Almost anything is not what we would do for ourselves, so why do it for the other members of our family? As we all know, our pets are definitely a part of the family. Only natural pet jerky strips dog treat – natural, grain free, bison

has a wonderful alternative to low quality or unhealthy pet treats.

They sell a product called Jerky Strips which is a healthy alternative. It is made from Bison. Bison is a lower fat high protein meat. Low fat is becoming a bigger issue today since many of our pets are becoming obese due to low quality and high-fat diets. Dogs will love this treat. It is grass-fed and contains no antibiotics or hormones.

Our dog has a sensitive stomach. He does not do well with grains in his diet. Fortunately, Jerky Strips contain no grains so we can give them to him without concerns about how it might affect his digestion.

We use this treat both a training tool and as a simple treat to simply say, we love you. It is clear that our dog can’t wait to get his teeth on them. We just need to be careful not to get our fingers in the way!

Only Natural Pet Jerky Strips Dog Treat - Natural, Grain Free, Bison







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