Aura AG

What you’ve been hearing is true. Osprey’s new Anti-Gravity suspension system on the Women’s Aura AG and the Men’s Atmos AG is changing the game. Aura AGHaul big-loads all day, over big-miles with no pressure points, insane load stability and revolutionary ventilation: that’s what the Anti-Gravity system is all about. You won’t see a suspension system like this on any other pack in the market, and the benefits on the trail make this pack absolutely worth checking out.

The Anti-Gravity suspension works through a fully integrated non-stretch mesh harness that connects the back and lumbar support, shoulder straps and hip belt in one system. What that means is that the load from the pack weight transfers uniformly without creating pressure points or an unstable load distribution. The pack moves with you: it can’t not, because it’s connected to your shoulders, back and hips seamlessly.

I’ve been hiking with the 75 L Osprey Ariel for years, and the switch to the new suspension system definitely took some adjustment at first. I wasn’t used to how the hip belt on the pack hugs your waist before you even clip the belt. I initially felt like the pack might be slipping up on my waist because of how the hip belt automatically tightened around my figure. However, as soon as I got weight in the Aura and started hiking, those thoughts flew out the window. I’ve never hiked with a pack – especially an overnight bag hauling loads of 40-50 lbs. – that made weight disappear like the Aura AG. With lighter loads, I would sometimes forget I was wearing a pack at all.

Aura AG

The Anti-Gravity system is what’s been making everyone talk, but there’s also a wealth of typical-Osprey, smart features throughout the pack’s design that impress. I loved the lid-lock feature that allows you to remove the pack’s 9 L brain and close the pack without it, saving weight. If organization is your thing, there’s a sleeping bag compartment, a hydration sleeve and a ton of pockets; and the pack can hold both trekking poles and an ice axe. Also cool are the four compression straps that allow you to fine tune the pack’s fit.

Aura AG

Bottom Line:

From hiking the beaches of Washington’s coast to train hopping in Europe, the Aura AG kept me cool with its ventilation, stayed durable through even the roughest treatment and generally made weight disappear. I’ve always been a fan of Osprey’s smart designs, and they’ve taken it to the next level with their Anti-Gravity packs for hiking and backpacking.

Tech Specs:

Availability: Available now

MSRP: $259.95

Weight: 4 lbs. 2 oz

Dimensions (Size Small): 31 x 15 x 15 in.

Colors: Silver Streak, Rainforest Green

Osprey Aura AG 65













  • Incredibly even load distribution
  • Great ventilation
  • Lots of functionality options
  • Organization heavy
  • Fits well all day


  • Suspension System fit takes a little getting used to

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