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Sasquatch leaves no trace – how ’bout you?

Here we are at the end of day three! The Outdoor Retailer Summer Market is winding down to a close, but not before y’all get the latest updates on the outdoor industry from SLC.



outdoor retailer
Women Forum at the New Product Zone

This morning we sat down to learn about what’s new in female specific outdoor trends. Turns out, ladies these days are all about the “experience.” We don’t just buy a product— we buy the adventure that that product is going to allow us to have. These days, it’s not just about the jacket, it’s about the jacket we could be wearing while enjoying a beer after the morning’s summit push.

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Upward facing dog – SUP style

The paddle club was the place to be today with product testings, yoga sessions and casual paddles taking place all throughout the show. Yoga on the water after a day’s paddle? Sounds like a good deal to me.

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Just your casual conference llama – can I get your business card? Coto the Cotopaxi Llama
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Two goldens looking very official with their Outdoor Retailer badges

Outdoor Retailer wouldn’t be complete without a few of our favorite outdoor friends. There were plenty of canine product testers hanging out with their official “registered dog” badges.

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Peak Design Happy Hour

Peak Design hosted a great happy hour event while debuting some of their stellar new photography accessories. GoPro on the shoulder strap, DSLR on the hip— still plenty of hands to toast to a good show and strike a pose.


New Products

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Brewing up the Black IPA by Pat’s Backcountry Beverages

It’s an age old struggle: less weight, less beer— more beer, more weight. The guys from Pat’s Backcountry Beverages just might have found a solution. Filter water from any backcountry lake or stream directly into their specially designed water bottle, add the “activator packet” into the separate compartment that you see in the above picture on the left, squeeze either the Black Hops Black IPA or the Pale Rail Pale Ale into the bottle (the pouches come in at 55g, while the bottle weighs 280g), then screw on the lid and pump the lid lever to start the carbonation process. Shake, and then wait for a few moments and, like magic, you’re enjoying a cool, carbonated beer. Tastes great, too.

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The Lightwave Fastpack – these guys design by their slogan, “Light weight product, new wave design”

I stopped by to talk shop with the guys at Lightwave and Crux— companies that focus on backpacking and mountaineering products respectively that aim for a lightweight product without sacrificing functionality. With their Fastpack series, they cut out weight where you don’t need it for performance, like in the center of the hip belt, and focused in on the simplified essentials— like a back-panel that uses breathable fabric to keep you cool, while still maintaing maximum body contact points to help you more comfortably carry your load.

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The brand new Bi-pod stove by Snow Peak

Psyched for that big pasta dinner at base camp with the crew after the day’s climb? Snow Peak has designed a great stove that allows for versatile cooking with maximum stability and a larger burner platform— the 7.5 ounce Bi-pod. Designed with telescope legs, the bi-pod can cook using two different sized fuel canisters and connects horizontally to the canister, improving stability. The burner platform is large enough to accommodate a large pot for group cooking so that you can share a meal with your hiking buddies. Coming in at 7.5 ounces and an MSRP of $89.99, the Bi-pod is a great, new versatile stove option.


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