Ozark Trail – Reliance Desert Patrol 6-Gal Water Jug Review

It’s difficult to say exactly what the brand name of this six-gallon water container is.  I purchased them at Walmart and on the side of the container, they say Reliance.  The sticker on the new container and the title on Walmarts website say Ozark Trail.  Ozark Trail is apparently a Walmart brand headquartered somewhere around the Ozarks.

I purchased these for long term emergency water storage as well as for the occasional cabin or campground type outing.


When I got them home my first frustration was they bulged out when full of water.  I was hoping for a more uniform shape similar to what they look like.  Jerry cans.  Because of the bulge, they don’t sit tightly together.  They take up a lot more space than a traditional Jerry Can and puts the stability off.


The cap rests on top of the spout with about a 1/4 inch flange.  It’s pretty ridiculous when the caps fall off from just picking up the container.

Also, note the air intake plug.  It’s held into the air hole with a notched piece of plastic.  You can pull the air hole plug out and it won’t get lost because the end of it catches on the inside with the notch.  Problem is as soon as you tip the container up to pour water the plug slips right back into the hole and water slows to a trickle because the intake hole is plugged.


Do you see the water on the floor?  I emptied these containers for the first time this week and took them to refill.  When I got back and set them down one of them was leaking.


At the retail price of $12.00 or $13.00, this is more of a cautionary review than anything.  If you are going to be in a situation where you really need to rely on this sort of water supply the Ozark Trail – Reliance Desert Patrol 6-Gal Water Jug would be an inconvenient and possibly risky choice.

Ozark Trail - Reliance Desert Patrol 6-Gal Water Jug Review





  • Inexpensive


  • Leaks
  • Doesn't pour well
  • Caps fall off
  • Bulges when full

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