You’ve decided you want a premium, all-weather jacket for the worst of conditions. You’re in luck. Patagonia and Gore-Tex have teamed up with this amazing weather beater Whether you are a backcountry skier, or deluge lover, or alpine climber, this jacket will take what Mother Nature throws at it. I tested the Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket. Here’s what I found.


-New generation Gore-Tex makes this jacket wind-proof, water-proof, spindrift-proof, and probably avalanche-proof (though I didn’t test that).

-Smart design allows for breathability wherever you need it. Pit zips, front zips and smart shaping make this jacket breathe and fit in all the right places.

-Well-designed drawstrings, pulls and adjustments  on the hood back and opening as well as the bottom are high tech and easy to use even with thick gloves.

-For such a rugged jacket, it is remarkably light. It won’t add much more than a pound to your total ensemble. That’s great, tough, solid protection for very little weight added. This jacket is a rewarding find for people who brave the worst of the elements.

-Tough shell exterior holds up to rocks and tree branches well. This jacket will take a beating. One of the reps mentioned that it would be the last high-performance jacket I’d ever need to buy. I believe her. Durable and solid construction as you’d expect from Patagonia.

-Wrist cuffs use a soft leather-like finish and taper to keep moisture out.

I saw a demo of this jacket in a water tunnel. Several people donned the jacket and then stood under a deluge for a couple minutes. Once the jackets came off, they were all crisp and dry, and smiling.

patagonia super alpine w_std


-While the Gore-Tex is heavier than past iterations, it is also crunchier. The fabric is not at all supple. It is rigid especially where it is doubled on itself. This makes it loud and crunchy.

-Zipper pulls are tiny and require removing gloves to access.

Patagonia Super Alpine Jacket

Technical Details:

Manufacturer: Patagonia

Materials: Gore Tex, nylon

Weight: 18.5 oz

MSRP: $599

Available: Now

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