I zipped into the Peregrine Saker 20 sleeping bag on a rainy, 30° F Texas evening. I was plenty toasty in Peregrine’s bag, and I’m sure it could handle even cooler temperatures. What I hadn’t planned on testing was the Saker 20’s water resistance.

It rained the entire night, and when I woke the next morning I found the tent I chose to bring (it’s over 15 years old) had some leakage issues. Big ones. The part of the floor where my feet were was soaked through. Completely. Soaked. Through.

Bad news, it’s time to retire that tent. Good news, I slept through the night and had no idea my tent was a swamp. High fives, Peregrine. You kept me from getting pneumonia. Or at least soggy socks and pruned toes.

manufacturer photo - peregrine_saker_20

Peregrine offers three types of Saker sleeping bags for three different camping temps. The Saker 0 is best for 0° F winter nights. The Saker 35 is lighter for summer nights. I tested the Saker 20, which is meant to be a middle-ground, springtime-ish bag.

The Saker 20 is a comfortable mummy bag that comes in long and regular. It has a neck baffle and a hood baffle to keep in warmth. And I love the internal mesh pocket to zip in smartphones, meds, headlamps, or whatever you might want to grab without getting out of the bag. I’ve never had a bag with an internal pocket before. It’s a small addition, but a thoughtful one.

manufacturer photo - peregrine-saker-20-stuffsack

The Saker 20 comes with a stuff sack, as well as a larger cotton bag for long-term storage. Packed, it’s slightly bulkier than other bags I’ve used. But at just $89.95, it’s a great deal. Peregrine’s not as well-known as some brands, so you’re not shelling out extra money just for a juggernaut brand name. But Peregrine seems to have what it takes to become a premium brand in the long term. So now’s a good time to grab one of their bags. You’ll get it at a lower price, and you’ll be able to say you were using Peregrine before everyone else was, too.

Tent shot with mesh interior zip pocket


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Peregrine Saker










Water resistance/quick drying



  • Comfortable and roomy
  • Very warm (Peregrin Perefill® insulation)
  • Water-resistant
  • Inside zip pocket
  • Articulated foot box


  • Slightly bulky when packed in the stuff sack
  • Heavier than some, but fine for a 20° bag

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