For the past four months I have put the Polarmax Tech Silk base layer to the test, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and hiking on trails throughout Southeastern Wyoming. I wore the top as a layer all by itself on warmer days and paired it with a good mid layer and outer shell on colder days with temperatures as low as 10°F.

I have discovered that while the Polarmax Tech Silk Base Layer breathes well and does a good job wicking moisture away from my body, it is not as comfortable as I would have hoped.



* The Polar Max Tech Silk base layer is actually not made of silk, it is made of 100% polyester. The fabric has a silk weight feel to it. Because this layer is made from polyester it wicks well, breathes well, and it dries very quickly.

* Polyester base layers have a reputation for absorbing odor and being more stinky than other fabric combinations or merino wool. No matter how much I sweat out on the trails while testing this product it never seemed to be too stinky at the end of the day.

* This base layer is extremely lightweight. A yard of fabric weighs just 4 ounces.

* The fabric gives just a little bit but it is not stretchy. The more I wore and washed this base layer the softer it became.

* Unlike other base layers I have tested, these did not shrink when I washed them. I did not follow any special washing instructions. I just threw it in the washer and dryer with the rest of my clothes.

* For a basic base layer set the price is very reasonable. For just about $60.00 you can get a full set.



* The base layer did not fit me right. The fabric around the forearms and calves were too tight, and the crotch was too long and baggy. It did fit well in the torso and the length was fine in the pants. While I’ll keep wearing the top layer, the bottom layer just isn’t comfortable when I’m out on the trails.



I would recommend trying on this base layer before you buy it to see if it is a good fit for your body type. With the Polarmax Lightweight Tech Silk Base Layer you get a good, moisture-wicking, and reasonably priced base layer that will keep you just the right temperature while you are skiing or hiking.

Click to Purchase the Polarmax Light Weight Tech Silk Base Layer Top
Click to Purchase the Polarmax Light Weight Tech Silk Base Layer Bottom

Tech Specs

* 4.0 oz/square yard

* 100% Acclimate Dry Performance Fabric (Polyester)

* All-Season Wear: Cold/Warm

* Light Weight Technical Silk Knit

* Scent Prevent Anti-Microbial

* Single Layer-Flat Seam Construction

* Machine Wash & Dry

* Size Tested: Medium

* MSRP: $29.95/top, $29.95/pants

Manufacturer : Longworth Industries


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