Puget Sound Open Water Swim Record
Erika Norris with safety boat in trail sets the Puget Sound open water swim record from Bremerton to Alki Point. Photo Source: West Seattle Blog.

A Puget Sound open water swim record was set Sunday when swimmer Erika Norris set a new record for the 10.4 mile Amy Hiland Swim from Bremerton to Alki Point, Wash.  According to the Northwest Open Water Swimming Association, the swim took Norris 4:09:20.  The previous record was set in 1959 by Amy Hiland, Hiland completed the swim in 5:59.  The attempt by Norris is only the second record swim of the Bremerton to Alki Point route.

While setting the Puget Sound open water swim record, Norris endured chilly Puget Sound water temperatures.  The temperature during the weekend hovered around 62 degrees and was considered too cold for water sports without a wetsuit.  Norris is a six-time NCAA All-American, three-time Honorable All-American, and a member of the New York University Department of Athletics Hall of Fame.

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