Rokform Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case

Rokform offers many protection solutions for your iDevices and other less smart devices. The Rokform Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case is their sturdiest option, and, after an extensive test period, I can say that it protected my phone quite well. It is a two-piece case with a straightforward install process. First, you slip the phone into a thick soft rubber case and then you snap an aluminum exoskeleton over the back of the rubber case. Despite numerous drop tests, I could never get the two pieces to separate. In fact, it’s a little difficult to get the aluminum exoskeleton off. Just take your time and pry it off with a dull metal object (I used a butter knife).

The aluminum exoskeleton holds two different mounting adaptors. The first features the Rokform RMS system (explained below) as well as a spot for the magnet, while the other adaptor just has the magnet.

Rokform Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case

The innovative mounting solutions is what really sets the Rokform iPhone cases apart from all the other cases out there. The RMS system (which stands for Rokform Integrated Mounting System) is a very cool and secure mounting solution for your iPhone. Even in the most extreme environments, the RMS holds onto your iPhone like a pit bull. For more mellow mounting needs, the magnet attachment is more than capable. I was quite impressed with how strong the magnet snapped onto the back of the phone. Rokform makes a bike mount that utilizes the RMS solution, and it appears to hold on to your iPhone with a tenacious grip (Seattle Backpackers Magazine did not test the bike mount, but to see an “in-action” video, click here).

Due to the durability of the case and the protection it affords your phone, it’s definitely on the heavier side. Without a case my iPhone 6 Plus weighs 178 grams. The case and the magnet adaptor adds 95 grams and the case with the RMS adaptor adds 81 grams.

However, after numerous spills both on my mountain bike and my skis – as well as countless drops onto concrete floors and asphalt from several feet – my iPhone doesn’t have a single scratch or dent. So the extra weight is worth it, especially if you’re into gravity sports.

The only complaint I had with the case was the buttons. It’s difficult to feel the volume and power buttons in the dark. If the indents were slightly deeper, or maybe even raised, this would make the phone much easier to operate in low light conditions.

Rokform Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case

Bottom Line:

While the Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case is expensive, it’s considerably cheaper than replacing your iPhone should you drop it (trust me, I have first hand experience with this). The case offers a very high level of protection – and of weight, which may be more than needed for day-to-day activities. However, if your weekends include long bike rides and/or other extreme gravity sports, this is an iPhone case you should carefully consider.

Using the Seattle Backpackers Magazine Smart Phone Case rating matrix, I put this phone squarely in the Level 4 protection category.

  • Level 1 Protection: A naked iPhone or similar smart device, with only a screen protector in place.
  • Level 2 Protection: A light weight case with rubber bumpers and a raised lip to protect the screen when set on flat objects.
  • Level 3 Protection: A mid-weight case offering moderate protection from most drops and daily wear.
  • Level 4 Protection: A heavy duty case for extreme protection from drops and crushing forces.
  • Level 5 Protection: The highest level of protection; cases at this protection level will protect your phone from all the elements including water.

Tech Specs:

Date Available: Available now

MSRP: $89.99

Weight: 2.8 oz

Material (sleeve and corners): TPU

Material (shell): 6061 aluminum with carbon fiber inlay

Rokform Aluminum iPhone 6 Plus Case











  • Rugged
  • Durable
  • Lots of mount options


  • A tad heavy
  • Buttons are hard to feel in the dark

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