I am what you might call a sunglasses connoisseur. I feel like a good pair of shades can go a long way and that certain kinds are better for certain occasions. Needless to say, I was very excited when given the opportunity to add to my collection by reviewing the Trapper model sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear.

Ryders Eyewear
Brooks and Davis Cowles both wearing Trapper sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear while biking the Philip’s Ridge Trail in Jackson, WY

The Trappers are great. The idea is that they protect your eyes from the sun and elements with large lenses and wide temples. This was great for me because, as raft guide and avid mountain biker, my eyes need all the protection I can get. I wore a polarized pair while rafting and the photochromic pair while biking. Both were phenomenal. The polarized lenses significantly cut down on glare, and the photochromic lenses were perfect for protection and visibility while on downhill trails. I honestly could have been wearing costas and would not have known the difference.

In fact, I liked the Ryders so much that I requested to review a couple pairs of the casual frames and see how they measured up. Again, I was blown away by both the fashion and function of these glasses. I reviewed the Pint Polarized glasses as well as the Empress model. The Empress looks similar to the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers, but have a little more progressive look to them. Again the lenses were great, and they have all the durability of higher end glasses. However, the Pint glasses really stole the show. They are kind of a hybrid Aviator model that feel great, are light, and are awesome in any situation. They have quickly become my go-to pair of shades for anything ranging from rafting to hiking.

Ryders Eyewear
Brooks Cowles guiding a rafting trip down the Snake River wearing the Pint Sunglasses by Ryders Eyewear

In conclusion, I was extremely impressed and satisfied with all the Ryders Eyewear models that I reviewed. They combine fashion and functionality for a great product. You get the feel and look of a very expensive pair of glasses for a mid-low range price. That is hard to beat.

Company: Ryders Eyewear
Price: ~$39.99 (Model Specific)
Model: Trappers, Empress, Pint
Weight: ~26G

Ryders Eyewear

~$39.99 (Model Specific)










  • Durable
  • Good looking
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great lenses


  • Hard to choose just one model to buy

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