Shoreline Trail

With the Wasatch Mountains looming just to the east of Salt Lake City, the hiking, biking and backpacking options are endless. For those who don’t have the time or desire for mountain adventures, however, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail provides an easy-to-access, multi-use pathway that stretches over 100 miles from Idaho through Utah. The trail was established in 1990 with the concept of following what was the shoreline of glacial Lake Boneville nearly 15,500 years ago.


Shoreline Trail
Photo by Ted & Dani Percival

Just across the street from Hogel Zoo lies the small Shoreline trailhead parking lot. A steep half-mile climb quickly vaults hikers, bikers and joggers to an elevation of 5,100 feet and heads north along the Wasatch fault, offering spectacular views of the city. The first two miles of the trail pass by This is The Place historical sight, The University of Utah’s Research Park and the Red Butte Gardens, then continues north toward Battle Gulch and North Fork Dry Creek.


Shoreline Trail

Before heading out to conquer this trail, check out this short list of pros and cons:


– Dogs are allowed off-leash

– There are dozens of trailhead locations around the city

– Views overlooking the city are fantastic

– Maintained by the Bonneville Shoreline Trail Committee, the trail is always in good condition for running, hiking and biking

-There are never crowds or many people on the trail

Shoreline TrailCons 

– The trail follows a fence line separating the path from the surrounding areas

– Because of the hot, dry climate, snakes and spiders are common on the trail – use caution!


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