“Camping with Kids: The Complete guide to Car, Tent and RV Camping” by Goldie Gendler Silverman helps get families outside and camping in the best way for them and their family. It is full of information from over 100 expert campers, checklists, and tips for preparation and camping with kids.

This book is geared towards families just starting to camp together and looking for some advice on how to make it easier. Half the book (literally) is focused on the actual planning of the trip: foods to bring, games to play in the car on the way there, gear to obtain and pack, etc.

They also have sections on how to include your dog and make adaptations for a disabled child or parent. The book highlights quick check-lists and expert advice for easy reference along with inspirational photos (though in black and white.)

The second half of the book has thorough and creative ideas of what to actually do when you are camping: games, nature art projects, and ways for kids to help around camp. This tends to be the most overlooked aspect of camping with kids, so I love that it is included.

Camping With Kids is very thorough and great for families looking to take the plunge into camping vacations and wanting some quick tips. It’s an easy read, with clearly marked sections so you can find the information you are looking for by just flipping through. Even seasoned campers will find new information, advice, and ideas.

I wish the “leaving the car behind” section (river rafting, boating, backpacking, horse-supporting camping, canoeing and bicycle touring) was given a little more focus. However, the “safety” portion has great information that makes bringing the book along worth it.

Bottom line:  A great book for helping get families outside and vacationing in the great outdoors!


Title: Camping with Kids: The Complete Guide to Car, Tent, and RV Camping

Author: Goldie Gendler Silverman

Publisher: Wilderness Press

Pages: 250 pages

Published: 2005

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