With the summer backpacking season in full swing, carrying a bulky sleeping bag with a low temperature rating is no longer a necessity. You may as well pack a light and compact bag for your next adventure. The Sea to Summit Micro MCII is rated at 36° and packs down to a tiny 7.5”x6.5” one-pound, six-ounce package (when fully compressed in its stuff sack)! If you need a little more warmth the Reactor Extreme sleeping bag liner will add an additional 25° of warmth to the bag.


  • This bag is incredibly light. Coupled with a floorless shelter  and a svelte sleeping pad  you can get your living quarters down to less than four pounds!  Throw in the sleeping bag liner and you are still below five pounds!
  • The bag is incredibly thin, consequently when stuffed and fully compressed my sleeping bag takes up as much room as my one liter cooking pot. What will you do with all that extra room?
  • During a trip in the High Sierra backcountry the foot of my bag got soaked during an unexpected downpour. Despite being sopping wet the bag kept me warm and comfortable and when the sun came out the bag was nearly dry in less than thirty minutes! The quick dry time is probably due to the small amount of down inside the bag.

Sea to Summit 2


  • The exterior fabric of the sleeping bag is not very durable. I somehow managed to tear two holes in the fabric while sleeping inside my tent. I am not sure what I tore it on, maybe a rock under the tent floor.
  • The draw cord closure on the footbed of the MCII sleeping bag tends to be a little drafty. It does not close fully which can let cold air in, especially if your sleeping under the stars and not inside a tent. If you stuff a jacket or an extra shirt in the bottom though this easily “cures” the draftiness.
  • I noticed that a few of the baffles stitched into the bag did not hold the down after washing the bag. There were a few “boxes” that were completely devoid of down as they had shifted into other baffles. This resulted in a few cold spots in colder temperatures.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for an ultralight bag and will not be sleeping in temperatures below freezing this is great bag to consider. Throw in the sleeping bag liner and the bag will keep you warmer in colder temps with only a small weight and space penalty. As long as you are careful with the bag it should last through several seasons.

Manufacturer: Sea to Summit

Date available: Both the bag and liner are currently available

Sleeping Bag

Manufacturer’s Website: www.seatosummit.com

MSRP: $348.95

Listed Weight: 1lb 5oz

Materials: Down: ULTRA-DRYDown™850+ Loft 90% Down Cluster Premium European Goose Down

Sea to Summit 3


Manufacturer’s Website: Reactor Extreme Thermolite® Liner http://www.seatosummit.com/products/display/90

MSRP: $64.95

Listed Weight: 14oz

Materials: 110g/m² Thermolite® fabric

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