Paychecks of the heart, also known as volunteer projects, are awesome and fulfilling! Volunteer work is a great opportunity to give back to your community. Luckily, you can volunteer while doing something you love – being on the trails! King County Search and Rescue is one of the largest SAR organizations in the country.

Search and Rescue

We’ve  described a few of their specialized units in detail and explained some of their functions around our area. The awesome part of all this is, they are accepting volunteer applications at this time. Imagine being part of this powerful and service oriented community of outdoor experts! You’ll get hands on training and some awesome experience in the wilds!

The video below is clips from a training mission that Explorer Search and Rescue executed. Seattle Backpackers Magazine was embedded with the teams and able to capture these maneuvers as they unfolded!

Contact King County Search and Rescue for more information.

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