Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody

The Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody is a lightweight, comfortable and warm jacket that is designed to keep you dry longer than traditional, untreated down. Although I was a bit skeptical when I first got the coat because it looks and feels like most other jackets made of similar material, it has held up better in a variety of weather conditions than I would have expected, and Spokane has certainly done its part in providing me with a wide range of temperatures and conditions to test the jacket in over the past month.

Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody

The design of this coat is fairly simple, but with some interesting features. It has a convertible hood that you can tuck down inside the coat to make a collar when you are not using it as a hood, thumbholes made with stretchy material to fit snug around your thumbs to better keep out cold air and several interior pockets to store your belongings. This coat is one of the most comfortable coats I have ever worn, and it is easier to move around in than a lot of coats because it’s not very bulky.

While the DriDown Hoody is not fully waterproof, it does take longer for rain to soak all the way through than with many jackets I have worn of similar weight and material. The inner layer of the DriDown Hoody is treated with polyurethane, which slows the process of water penetrating the layers. It took about 20 minutes of hard rain for the jacket to become completely soaked, and it was dry about 40 minutes after I was out of the rain. Wearing a shell over this jacket would be ideal for rainy weather, as it provides great insulation and comfort and the shell would prevent water from soaking through. I would only recommend wearing this jacket without a shell in light rain.

This coat keeps me warm in temperatures down to about the mid-30s with just a t-shirt underneath. It also performs very well in the wind. The front zipper goes over your chin and the hood fits very snuggly. It kind of feels like you’re walking around in a mummy bag when you have the hood up and zipper zipped. It’s definitely better for fall and winter outdoor activities than a lot of jackets because it’s basically like wearing a hat, coat and neck warmer all at once.

The DriDown Hoody is an extremely comfortable and versatile jacket that I would recommend for anyone who is outdoors in cold weather. It is great for wearing around town or hiking, but if you are going on a multi-day backpacking trip, I would recommend packing a rain coat in addition to the DriDown Hoody in case the rain is persistent.

Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody

Tech Specs:
 Model: Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody
Date available: Available now
Manufacturer’s Website:
MSRP US: $199.00
Listed Weight: 12 oz.
Construction: Fabric: 20D 100% Nylon Ripstop; Insulation: 120g, 800 Fill Duck Down
Size/Model tested: Small
Colors available: Black, Tradwinds (Gray), Sierra Yellow, Chili (Red)

Sierra Designs DriDown Hoody






Moisture Control


Water Resistance



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Wind-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Keeps water out longer than most down jackets
  • Keeps water out longer than most down jackets


  • Not waterproof - You would have to carry a shell in addition to the coat when backpacking
  • Fairly expensive

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