Super Stratus Jacket

As someone who’s been caught in mountain rainstorms and slept in ice caves, I know that even those of us who love roughing it don’t thrive in cold, soggy clothing. The Super Stratus Jacket from Sierra Designs doesn’t just handle cold and wet, it puts bad weather into a submission hold. And it does it without being a bulky parka.

I don’t know what Sierra Designs sales reports say, but I bet they sell more of these online than at retailers, and here’s why: If I picked this jacket off the rack, handled it and hefted it, I’d think “No way something this light and thin is going to keep me warm.” Having always depended on big, bulky coats to shield me from the elements, it’s hard to imagine something so lightweight keeping me so warm. And the fact that the entire jacket can roll up into a carrying pouch about the size of a canteen makes it even harder to believe. But the warmth and lightness of the Super Stratus Jacket floored me. If you told me it was some new technology invested in by NASA, I wouldn’t be surprised. (It’s not. I think.)

The problem with most down coats is that, while they keep you warm, they don’t do a great job keeping you dry. But the Super Stratus is insulated with chemically-treated 800 Fill Duck DriDown™ that can get wet without getting waterlogged. Sierra Designs has packed 160 grams of DriDown™ into this jacket, and each fiber has been individually treated, which means even when it does get wet, it dries that much faster.

Super Stratus JacketIt’s a fairly loose and comfortable fit, which lets you comfortably pack other layers underneath if you need to. Adjustable straps let you cinch up the waist and the hood. The hood is very roomy, with enough space for a helmet if you’re skiing or snowboarding.

The Super Stratus comes with a litany of convenient features not found on most other down jackets. The cuffs are elastic, providing more comfort and greater mobility, and come with thumbholes if you need to protect your hands. The front zipper is a two-way-zip, so you have the option of venting from above or below. And there are two exterior zip pockets, two large dump pockets on the inside and one interior zip pocket near the left inside breast for easy access to your phone, camera or keys. This interior zip pocket also has a pass-through for headphones if you’ve got a good slope mix on your playlists.

Super Stratus JacketI’ve taken the Super Stratus on hikes in October, campouts in sub-20° November nights and I really wish I’d had it for all the Decembers, Januaries and Februaries I’ve spent hiking in the Rockies and waiting for the L train in Chicago. This is my new favorite coat. Simple as that.

The Super Stratus Jacket is available in Real Red exterior/charcoal interior or black exterior/Helix (blueish) interior.

This jacket, which originally retailed at $279.00, is no longer available directly from Sierra Designs. It’s been replaced by the Men’s Stretch DriDown Hoody ($229.00). However, there are still plenty of retailers offering the Super Stratus online at reduced prices (REI lets you save about 30%). It’s not driving the newest car off the lot, but it’s getting an amazing deal on an amazing coat.

Bottom Line:

The Sierra Designs Super Stratus Jacket is a great pick for a warm, quick drying, winter down jacket that won’t weigh you down.

Tech Specs:

MSRP: $193-$250 depending on the retailer

Fabric type: Ripstop polyester/ Polyester

Insulation: 800 fill duck-down

Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.

Sierra Designs Super Stratus Jacket








Water resistance/ Quick drying



  • Incredibly lightweight (1 lb. 4 oz.)
  • Amazingly warm
  • Chemically-treated down keeps you dry
  • Three large interior pockets (one with a zipper)
  • Rolls up into a compact, camping pillow-sized bag


  • No longer available directly from the manufacturer

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