I run between 20 and 40 miles a week, as I am training for my first ultramarathon in September. My regimen includes numerous city miles, which gives me the perfect opportunity to test the SKORA Base running shoes. They are a minimal style running shoe and are constructed with a stretchy mesh material that makes them fit like a sock. I would described these as “extravagant minimalist” running shoes, as they have a bit more substance than a true minimalist shoe. This has its ups and downs, but was mostly a positive for me, especially on longer runs, where my feet certainly appreciated the extra substance.


  • I particularly enjoyed the smooth feel that the Bases offered while running. The soles had positive contact with the road surface (as long as it was dry).
  • I mostly did not wear socks while running in the Bases (which, technically, you are supposed to do with this style of footwear) but the stretchy mesh material was thin and surprisingly comfortable. I experienced no rubbing on the tops or the heels of my feet even without socks.
  • I was drawn to the subdued colors of the charcoal/black/red model, but if you prefer brighter colors, SKORA also offers the Base in a bright yellow color wave.
  • I liked the velcro strap closure on the shoes. The X-pattern provided equal tension across the foot and felt very secure. The Base also features a strap on the heel to fine-tune the fit.

SKORA Base 2


  • The soles tended to slip quite a bit on wet surfaces, and even running across grass felt insecure. I took them on a few trail runs, but would not recommend these as trail shoes, as the soles are just not aggressive enough.
  • They did not breathe as well as other minimal footwear I’ve used, which led to overly sweaty feet. This was a minor annoyance, though, and did not impact the overall performance.
  • The insoles felt very rough; although designed to prevent sweaty feet from slipping inside the shoes, this made them a bit uncomfortable on long runs.
  • Compared to some minimalist running shoes, the SKORA Base is heavier and more expensive. However, since they do have more substance and features, the price difference seems justified.

SKORA Base 3


I have gone through several pairs of minimalist running shoes trying to find a pair that did not tear up my feet. The SKORA Base running shoes have shown me that minimalist running shoes do not have to fit, perform, or feel like a medieval torture device. I have put over one hundred miles in them in just a few months and they are currently my footwear of choice for city running. They do have some issues, but are certainly worth a look if you live in a dry climate (e.g., not Seattle) and frequently run in the city.

SKORA Base 1

Tech Specs

Manufacturer: SKORA

Date available: Currently available

Manufacturer’s Website: www.skorarunning.com

MSRP: $99

Listed Weight: 7.9oz

Materials: Stretch mesh and rubber sole

Warranty info: “We include a pre-paid FedEx return shipping label with every package to make returns easy & free (for customers in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia). You may return any SKORA product within thirty (30) days of the date of delivery in their original, unused condition for a full refund or exchange.”

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