It seems as though with each passing week we confronted with another news story about earthquakes, flash floods, or hikers lost in the backcountry.  While there is no way to tell ahead of time when disaster will strike, or how bad it will be, we can, and should still be prepared.  Of course the difficulty with most “survival equipment” is that outside of the traditional pocket knife, not much comes in a convenient “carry around all day” form, this can be especially true in terms of shelter.

While traditionally it hasn’t not always been practical to carry your shelter with you at all times, the Sport Hansa LLC Bothy 2 Person  Shelter is changing the rules of the game when it comes to preparedness and survival.

Originally designed as a lightweight emergency shelter, Bothies are now increasingly used by mountain rescue teams, hiking clubs and others. Why?  Because weighing in at  just over 8 ounces, the 2 person bothy is feather light and stuffs into it’s own rucksack.  In other words, it’s convenient to carry ensuring that there’s no excuse not to carry one when you head into the backcountry.  More importantly, Bothies create a surprisingly warm and sheltered internal microclimate making them an essential item of safety equipment for any outdoor activity.

As any outdoor enthusiast knows, Mother Nature can be fickle.  Blue skies can fade and give way to thunderstorms in the blink of an eye.  In such instances the Bothy isn’t just an emergency shelter, it can also be useful for meal breaks, route planning, map reading or any other situation that requires a warm and sheltered environment.

When unpacked, the 2 Person Bothy  retains its shape by the individuals leaning into the walls.  However, you can also utilize your hiking/walking poles to prop up a side if necessary.   The Bothy bag’s sides come under the base to provide a “waterproof seat” for you to keep yourself off the wet ground. More a continuation of the bag material, than an actual “seat” the extra material is still a nice feature to help keep you clean and partially dry.  That being said, if you are setting up the Bothy in a marshy area, or in a wet environment, know that the seat won’t keep you completely protected.

Benefits of the Terra Nova Bothy 2 Person Shelter:
– Saves you the trouble of having to build or find yourself shelter
– The bright waterproof fabric can be easily spotted by rescue teams
– Quickly creates a warm internal microclimate
– Durable waterproof seats so you aren’t directly on the ground
– ‘UV – clear’ windows allow to you keep an eye on the weather and world outside your   shelter.

– Roof attachment for walking pole

Notes from the Field:
Get a bothy bag that’s the right size for you, i.e. a bothy bag for 8 people, when you’re using it with only 2 people will create a significant amount of sag thereby allowing the rain to collect and wind disturb your shelter more than it normally would. Although in the case of using a larger Bothy bag with less people, these downsides can be avoided if the individuals sit far apart from each other, you will lose the benefits of warming a small space – one of the most important benefits of the shelter.  Finally, while the UV-Clear window is an appreciated feature, a larger window providing greater vision of the outside world would be a beneficial addition to future iterations of the bothy.

Bottom Line…
The next big disaster could be just around the corner, which means that even on a simple day hike, it’s always best to be safe, be smart, and be prepared.  The Both 2 Person Shelter from Terra Nova LLC  makes being prepared easy and convenient.
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Manufacturer: Terra Nova LLC
Date available: Now
Manufacturer’s Website: – Sport Hansa is the US distributor for Terra Nova
MSRP: US$ Not listed
Packed Size: 22×11.5cm
Dimensions in use: W = 64cm, H = 98cm, L = 121cm Weight: 400g Person: 2




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