My vision is nothing to complain much about – I can legally drive without contacts or glasses.  However, I do need a little “help” and especially appreciate wearing SportRx Oakley custom prescription sunglasses when I am outside playing.  I want to be able to spot the wildlife further away and anticipate changes in the trail (both of which are tough for my “naked eyes”).  Therefore, I am constantly searching for the perfect Rx sunglasses (because even on a cloudy day, sun protection is essential.)


I’ve gone the “cheap” route and been sorely disappointed with glasses that don’t have a comfortable fit and scratch easily.  They work fine for driving, but I need serious glasses for my outdoor pursuits.  I expect to wear my glasses all day, every day, and have them withstand the abuse.

Some key points about Sport Rx:

  • Incredible customer service that knew exactly what they were talking about – they are outdoor enthusiasts too and want to get you out there seeing better.
  • A no-strings-attached return policy (yes, even with custom lenses).
  • Been around since 1996 and a leader in the industry.
  • They work with many brands including (but not limited to) Oakley, Maui Jim, Ray Ban, Nike, Bole, Tifosi, Smith, and Spy.
  • They claim (and deliver) to have the right glasses for any sport and any prescription. “If something can be done, we can do it.”
  • They use the best frames in the world in conjunction with the perfect lenses for your personal needs.

After my conversation with Sport Rx, we came to the conclusion that for a frame we would go with the Oakley Commit SQ (for women with small to medium faces) with the Sunset Lens.

The Sunset lens is unique because it starts out as a light rose tint indoors and darkens as the conditions and light change.  They also have a flash red mirror coating that cuts out some brightness (and pops more as the conditions lighten.)  Finally, they have a backside anti-reflective coating to cut out glare from behind or above.

While the Sunset lens doesn’t come standard, Sport Rx added an anti-fog coating to my lenses because of the fact that I am often recreating/working out in wintery conditions where fogging on glasses is an issue.

The Frames:

My focus is definitely on the lenses for this review, but just a quick note to say how comfortable and well-fitting the Oakley Commits are for women.   They are comfortable, stay on and are light, a fit that makes you forget you are wearing glasses at all.

The Lenses:

What I loved:

  • The Sunset lens gave me the option to wear the glasses all day long, even for a surprise trip into the supermarket (where I didn’t have my regular glasses.)
  • They provide a small amount of sunlight protection when I don’t need much and a good range of protection for the rest of the day (without changing lenses.)
  • The tint changes quickly so you aren’t stuck outside with a sharp glare and waiting for your lenses to change OR inside waiting for them to lighten up.  It happens in a matter of moments and I haven’t ever felt like they were lagging behind me.
  • They’re a great all-around lens for shadows, changing cloud cover/conditions and truly wearing from dusk to dawn.
  • The anti-fog coating was THE best I have seen – even while sweating during skiing and winter hikes, I had no problems with my glasses fogging (which is something I can’t say for any other lenses I have owned.)
  • They come with a hard and soft case and cleaning rags.  The glasses are a bit of an investment (however, completely worthwhile) so taking care of them is crucial.
  • That said, I had no issues with scratching or flaking of the coatings despite being rather rough on them.

SportRx-Oakley 2

What I wasn’t as crazy about:

  • In full sunlight (especially with a snow glare) I didn’t feel as though I had the protection I have from a regular darker tinted lens.  While this isn’t something that bothered me personally too much, it might be tough for someone with sensitive eyes.

Bottom Line:

I couldn’t be more impressed with a company that really knows their product and is working hard to get customers the very best in custom lenses.  Every person is different and so are our eyes and uses.  They know that and make sure they are following through with getting you in the perfect pair.

These prescription sunglasses’ frames and lenses are the best I have and are what I wear daily.  I appreciate the fact of having protection when other glasses would often be too dark or I would be constantly switching lenses.

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