We live in “Big Sky” country where the sun is intense, the elevation only adds to it, and shade is often hard to come by. It’s beautiful, but I admit I sometimes long for a cooler, wetter climate with more trees to hide from the hot sun. However, it’s not an issue any longer with Merino Wool products.

Our kids are out on adventures with us all year long. We invest in quality gear and clothing because we know it makes a difference. The day just goes better when we are not worried about who is hot, getting sunburnt, fighting the cold, remaining wet or is just plain ol’ grumpy. We want the majority of these memories we are making to be happy, stress-free and positive!

This summer we tried something a little different (thanks to the advice of a few good friends): we started putting long-sleeved merino wool shirts on the kids even in the heat. I admit it felt rather counter-intuitive, and I was continually checking their necks/backs to make sure overheating wasn’t happening.

Merino Wool


Here’s what we found:

  • There was no complaining of being hot and no sweating.
  • The wool protected with an UPF of 50+ (so no chemicals from sunscreen on the kids’ skin.) **note: the UPF of a garment depends on the tightness of the weave of the fabric and varies from company to company**
  • When careless water-drinking ended up resulting in wet kids, we didn’t worry about the cooler temperatures later because the moisture easily vaporized AND continued to protect when wet.

Why Merino Wool works so great:

Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep in Australia. Their wool has to work for  them to keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer, which then translates into the garments made from their wool working for us.

The long, fine hairs are extremely soft, light, airy, itch-free, and actually wick moisture away from the skin (something only merino wool does since it has a capacity to absorb up to 30% of its own weight of liquid and then release it in the air as vapor.) The wool is extremely breathable, which makes it great for hot summer days and is the reason our kids didn’t sweat when wearing it.

Merino Wool


Around the Campfire:

Besides the properties pertaining to comfort in changing temperatures, Merino wool is also extremely fire resistant and resists odor (both qualities appreciated when we are out camping with campfires and small tents.)

Less is More:

In a perfect world, this family would be hiking and camping and exploring inless clothing and gear in an effort to simplify what is usually a rather chaotic undertaking. I am all for quality gear that performs in four seasons. While I love the added benefit of the sun protection of long sleeves, many companies are now making full lines of clothing (including t-shirts and tank tops) from merino wool.

The kids wear their merino shirts on every hiking, skiing and camping trip we go on (and they only have one…) And for all those worried laundry-doing parents out there: Yes, care is machine wash and line dry.

This family is sold. Now to get some gear that is as cool as our kids’ is.

Merino Wool


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