Stio is a brand new company with great outdoor appeal. They just opened their doors in September of 2012 and offer technical, versatile clothing that goes from daily life to outdoor fun. With that in mind, I tested the Stio Origins Jacket. Polartec has created a fabric made with recycled water bottles and the Stio Origins jacket uses it well. I found the style fit me very well and it cut wind nicely for a fleece product. Stio markets this as a crossover jacket, between a fleece and a hard shell. That seems about right.

The side pockets have long zipper openings so it’s easy to get in even with gloves on, though thumb holes and extra length in the arms might make gloves unnecessary in your everyday wear. One of the things I love about it is that it goes from out doors to indoors without feeling bulky. It is close-cut and slimming, which is wonderful. I often found myself wearing it indoors like I would wear a fluffy sweater. I even ate a sloppy lunch without it getting in the way. This would be a great warming house or ski chalet jacket. Colors are stylish as well. It comes in fuchsia or steely gray.

I love that Stio is making a splash with recycled textiles, using colors and designs that are flexible, pretty and utilitarian all at once. If I could change anything, I’d add a couple more pockets. A chest zip for a phone or mp3 player would be great. And an inside pocket never goes wasted.



-Close cut for slimming fit. Not bulky

-Good wind protection for a fleece layer

-Great color and fabric choices

-Long zip, easy access pockets


-Needs a chest pocket



Technical Specs:

Date available: Available now

Manufacturer’s Website: Stio

MSRP: US$ 155

Listed Weight: 15 oz

Materials: Polartec polyester/spandex and polyester/nylon/spandex

Size/Model tested: Women’s large (Men’s available in different color options)

Colors Available: Gloxinia (purple) or Tap Show (dark gray)


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