STM Dux Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case

The STM Dux Rugged Case is a simple case. For the budget-minded consumer, the polycarbonate and rubberized bracket protection the case affords is hard to beat. The clear plastic back allows you to see more of your iDevice instead of covering it up. The case is very light and, while the rubberized bracket is grippy in your hand, it won’t stick to the inside of your pocket or purse. The case allows full access to the buttons and ports. Because of the raised buttons, it’s easy to turn the phone on and off as well as manipulate the volume, even in low visibility conditions. The case also features a tether point.

The one problem I had with the case is that it was hard to turn the silence switch on and off. The access port on the case was just too small get my finger over the switch. However, if you have skinny fingers or long nails, this should not be too much of a problem.

STM Dux Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case

Bottom Line:

Overall, the STM Dux Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case is a great value at only $29. It offers an acceptable level of protection while still being the lightest in the test. After many weeks of use, the case does have some superficial scratches and fading colors.

Using the Seattle Backpackers Magazine Smart Phone Case rating matrix, I put this phone in the Level 2 category.

  • Level 1 Protection: A naked iPhone or similar smart device, with only a screen protector in place.
  • Level 2 Protection: A light weight case with rubber bumpers and a raised lip to protect the screen when set on flat objects.
  • Level 3 Protection: A mid-weight case offering moderate protection from most drops and daily wear.
  • Level 4 Protection: A heavy duty case for extreme protection from drops and crushing forces.
  • Level 5 Protection: The highest level of protection; cases at this protection level will protect your phone from all the elements including water.

Tech Specs:

Date Available: Available now

MSRP: $29.00

Materials: TPU & Polycarbonate

Weight: 0.10 lbs

STM Dux Rugged iPhone 6 Plus Case











  • Lightweight
  • Inexpensive
  • Can still see the actual phone


  • Access to silencing button is limited

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