Crossing the Niger River in Mali, 1977

Strangers Like Angels is an enchanting tale about Alec and Jan Forman, a young couple from Britain who embark on a global adventure. Set in the mid-1970s, their saga is recounted from the photos, journal entries and letters to and from family back home during their multi-year trip – all compiled into a wonderful and beautiful memoir. In the pages of this delightful autobiography, they share their epic venture through Antartica, to the deserts of Africa, in the far off lands of central Asia and everywhere in between.

The prose is decidedly British and, while some of the language may be lost on American readers, their experiences are nonetheless artfully told and engaging. Their encounters with fauna and wildlife while traveling is beautifully described, as is their often fortuitous meetings with locals and other like-minded adventurers during their travels throughout the world – which are steeped in history, culture and heritage. Not only are the numerous photos so profoundly beautiful that they could be easily found within the pages of a National Geographic magazine, but also the artwork and the maps add an ambiance to the book that truly captures the spirit of their journey.

Taking a break enroute at Jalori Mountain Pass (10,280feet) INDIA, 1977
Taking a break enroute at Jalori Mountain Pass (10,280feet) INDIA, 1977

Not only did I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful and riveting page turner – it inspired me. They left their family, stepped out of what some would call a normal comfort zone and traveled to distant and strange new lands. It was their dream, and the fact that they never backed down even when they thought they couldn’t make it is a testament to their adventurous spirit. While immersed in the pages of their story, I felt like I was right there with them in the backseat of their 1967 Land Rover, breathing the dust of the Sahara and getting tossed around by the rocky roads in Afghanistan.

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On a dirt road less travelled in Afghanistan - 1977
On a dirt road less travelled in Afghanistan – 1977

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