Super.natural Base 175

With its unique blend of Merino wool and synthetic fibers, super.natural’s baselayer collection provides a great alternative to the conventional wool baselayer. Unlike many baselayers on the market, which are either all-wool or all-synthetic, super.natural uses a unique blend of Merino wool, Polyester and Lycra to achieve a new excellence in moisture moderation. With a slim fit, the super.natural Base 175 long sleeve and tights collection insulates while preventing overheating, making it a willing companion on any athletic adventure.

The Women’s Base Long Sleeve 175 and Women’s Base Tight 175 comprise the super.natural’s midweight collection. Because the Base 175 is designed to move sweat away from the body while offering lightweight insulation – and is snug enough to fit under regular pants and shirts – this is a year-round piece of equipment that can accommodate you during any sport. The Base Tight 175 features a Soft Touch SN waistband, offering a secure fit without rubbing. While the synthetic qualities allow the baselayers to wick and breathe far better than wool, the Merino wool offers its odor-resistant and insulating qualities.

During my review, I wanted to challenge super.natural’s claim that the Base 175 was ideal for everything from hiking to snowboarding to running and cycling. Unfortunately, my previous experiences with Merino baselayers made me a skeptic about the product’s ability to wick. To stay true to the company claim, I indeed took the Base 175 through the rounds. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the baselayers stood up to every grueling task I put them through. The feature that impressed me the most was the baselayers’ comfortable, athletic fit. The polyester and lycra allow the Base 175 to stretch, simulating the next-to-the-skin fit of spandex. This allowed for ideal moisture regulation and prevented abrasions during activities such as running and cycling. In low and medium-intensity activities, such as hiking and snowshoeing, the baselayer successfully wicked away all moisture. In high-intensity activities, such as snowboarding and alpine backpacking, I found that the Base 175 wicked away the moisture for several hours, but eventually retained sweat. However, because of the 48% Merino wool content, the baselayer still insulated when wet. In a rain-infused backpacking trip to Goldmeyer Hot Springs via Snow Lake, the Base 175 underlayers were the only articles of non-waterlogged clothing I could rely on. In adverse snowy conditions, and against all odds, super.natural’s unique baselayers became the difference between comfort and calamity.

While the Base 175 underlayers perform outstandingly during activity, the lightness that allows them to easily wick away moisture can leave you cold during long periods of inactivity. The Base 175 is a product specifically engineered to prevent overheating during your favorite physical endeavors. It is not (nor does it claim to be) a high-insulation layer and is not the top base layer choice for immobile hobbies on a cold day. As cold individual, I’d consider the Base 175 to be a lightweight rather than a midweight layer. If you’re going backpacking, you’ll still need to bring your night time long johns.

Super.natural Base 175
Source: super.natural Instagram @sn_supernatural

After the outdoor tests, I put super.natural’s Base 175 through possibly one of the most challenging trials: the washer/dryer. I’ve had some terrible experiences pulling small or misshapen wool baselayers out of the dryer in the past, so I was surprised by the simple washing instructions. A few washes confirmed that the baselayers are machine washable and won’t shrink in the dryer. After several washes, the Base 175 Long Sleeve and Tights maintained the same shape and stretchiness as right out of the package.

While not important to me, I feel compelled to throw out a few words of fashion caution. Because of the stretchiness and slim fit, the baselayers will be slightly transparent when worn. Please keep in mind that, because they are typically worn under clothing, I’m including this as a minimal critique. I also found that the color descriptions on the site were a bit misleading. The Warm Red is actually an orange color, while the Purple turned out to be blue. If you’re concerned about transparency or color woes, super.natural offers the products in Caviar.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I was extremely impressed by the performance of super.natural’s Base 175 Long Sleeve and Base 175 Tights. The fit, easy care, and durability makes this a product a natural match for the active outdoors enthusiast. The women’s tights and long sleeve top both carry a price tag of $69.99, in the expected ballpark of base layers, but less expensive than many of the main Merino brands. Super.natural products are currently available only at selected storefront and online retailers.

Tech Specs:

48% Merino Wool

48% Polyester

4% Lycra

Size tested (LS and tights): Small

MSRP: $69.99

Availability: Available now

Super.natural Base 175 Baselayers






Moisture Control





  • Moisture wicking
  • Skin-tight fit for comfort
  • Odor resistant
  • Machine washable, shrink-free


  • Not insulated for low activity level
  • Slightly see-through when worn

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