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What’s In Your Day Bag – Loren Bayles

What’s In Your Day Bag – Loren Bayles

If you live in Washington, don’t take off into the mountains without the Green Trails Map of the area. It can get you to the trail, keep you on it, and teach you to identify the landmarks around you and your position. I have a stack of them, and I’ll often pick a trail or peak off one of them at random to explore. A great way to study an area before heading out. For a compass I have the Silva Ranger. On most outings I find the compass to be more of a toy than a necessity but I’d also never want to get lost without one.

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The 10 Essentials +

The mistake that many of our rescued subjects make is thinking they will go for a “short day hike” which takes a turn for the worse when they get lost or injured. Being prepared means that when conditions change you have a better chance of survival.

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