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The 5,300-year-old Tyrolean iceman was found in melting ice in the Alps in 1991. Source:

Melting Ice Reveals Lost Climbers

One side effect of the recent warming trend is that melting glacial ice is starting to reveal the bodies of climbers that have been lost[Read More…]

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Volunteers and friends of Vuerich constructed the shelter in a single day with supplies ferried up the mountain by helicopter.  Source:

Extreme Italian Alps Hut Camping in Luca Vuerich Shelter

The mountain-top hut in the Julian Alps is perched at 8,300 ft. on the edge of the Foronon del Buinz between Italy and Slovenia on[Read More…]

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Alps Ultra-Light Air Pad Review

Alps Ultra-Light Air Pad Review

The Alps Ultra-Light Air Pad is a great choice for comfort, durability, insulation and value. For the recreational 3-season camper and backpacker the quality and price are unbeatable. I prefer this pad over the Therm-A-Rest pad that I have used (and loved) for years.

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Making of World’s Most Detailed Photograph of Mont Blanc

Making of World’s Most Detailed Photograph of Mont Blanc

My intention is to show, how cutting edge science, which is normally believed to be a domain of a very specific group of people, can greatly benefit the art. It is not a matter of belief, but a fact we are surrounded by software and hardware solutions, coming from completely different background.

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