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Best Camping Spots in Washington

In Washington, great places to camp are nearly endless. But it’s summertime, which means you’re going to want to make the most of every weekend.[Read More…]

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Balanced in the Night: Moab, Utah.  Photo by Matthew Torrie

Hitting the Road for Some Outdoor Photography Adventure

It is my theory that in every backpacker there is a frustrated outdoor photographer dreaming of hitting the road and back trails to capture that[Read More…]

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Best Places in Photos by Isaac Tait

Best Places in Photos by Isaac Tait

Climber, backpacker and photographer Isaac Tait provides this week’s set of photos. Each is a slice in time from a trip with a special flavor, just inspiring enough to entice you to dream up your own next adventure.

by February 10, 2012 0 comments Community

October Photos by Erik

Erik Turner, our photographer of the week enjoys backpacking and climbing in the North Cascades. This set shows the reason why this is one of his favorite places.

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August Photos by Thom

August Photos by Thom

Our showcase photographer this week is also a backpacker, climber, writer and musician. His favorite place to climb is the North Cascades. These beauties by Thom Schroeder make us want to go climb up there!

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