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Photo by Ted & Dani Percival

Salt Lake City’s Shoreline Trail

With the Wasatch Mountains looming just to the east of Salt Lake City, the hiking, biking and backpacking options are endless. For those who don’t have[Read More…]

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Small, light, portable and durable.

Fugoo Tough Speaker Review

The Fugoo Tough Speaker is the top-of-the-line outdoor speaker and the price tag definitely reflects it. But this speaker is worth every penny if you[Read More…]

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Hydrapak Jolla Diamond H Pro Review

Hydrapak Jolla Diamond H Pro Review

The Hydrapak Jolla’s lightweight frame, ventilated construction, and great hydration system, make it a great bag for bikers and day hikers. Its temperature-controlled body can resist cold, rain, and humid conditions, and its flexible body allows for a ton of gear. It can double as a gym bag or a work bag and then quickly covert to a great pack for weekend adventures.

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